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2006 Schedule for the History of Dreams Course
New courses start the beginning of each new month
Please try to register a week or more before the first class

January course starts Friday, December 31, 2006
February course starts Friday, January 28, 2006
March course starts Friday, February 25, 2006
April course starts Monday, April 1, 2006
May course starts Friday, April 29, 2006
No June Course  
No July Course  
NO August course   
September course starts Monday, August 29, 2006
October course starts Monday, September 26, 2006
November course starts Friday, October 28, 2006
December course starts Monday, November 28, 2006


You can expect the module to arrive before 12:00 Noon, Pacific Time, Mondays and Fridays.. If your class module doesn't arrive before this time, contact Richard Wilkerson at