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   Modular Web Sites for fluctuating needs  

We all have different needs at different times. You may simply want a quick page to let people know about a book or product, or you may need a full site project to best represent your organization.  DreamGate offers  start up packages and then allows you to add modules as needed. 

DreamGate Costs and Pricing
Level 1:  Single pages or a few pages. 
Level 2:  Your own fully functional Net  Domain 
Level 3.  Site management services.
Sample Simple Site Level 1:  Single pages or a few pages.  DreamGate offers page design for individuals or groups that only need one page. Your address will be www.dreamgate.com/YOURNAME. One year contracts generally run about $12.00 (US) per month and include updates, links, graphics and registration with major Internet directories. No initial setup costs.  $100 per page for designs.
Kelly Bulkeley, Ph. D. Level 2:  Your own fully functional Net Domain.   


Individual projects, companies, organizations and longer term projects require their own distinct Internet address. The rules for this are changing, but generally there is a $70.00 (US) charge for Domain Name registration.  DreamGate will establish the domain name you choose at cost.  These sites often include shopping carts, web message boards, online company calendars, related mail list and complete marketing and promotion strategies. 

 Initial setup costs will also vary according to the specific needs of your project. In general, the set-up costs are under $500.00. 

Major Site Example  Level 3.  Site Management.

DreamGate offers site management. Whether you have your own site already or DreamGate initially developed the site, we can maintain, update and run the site for you. The general contract will need to be negotiated, but is usually billed per hour at a rate of $40.00 per hour. If you pages are web-ready, it will only take a few minutes for us to upload them. Design or conversion to HTML takes longer and you will receive an e-mail estimate. 

If you or your staff would like to maintain the site yourself, but need training, DreamGate offers onsite education at $40.00 per hour.  

Modular Costs: (one time only add-ons) 
  • Single Page Additions - formatted simple text: $20.00 
                                                     (or you supply graphics in jpg, gif, tiff format) 
  • Single Page Additions - text and graphics Design: $50.00 
                                                    (Up to 3 graphics per page) 
  • Logo Design - $200.00 (web based logo formats) 
  • Forms - $100.00 - $500.00 CGI forms & scripting  that process information of clients & send to your email. Typically includes check boxes, text, selections and client information.  May also include guest books, calendars, and other interactive scripts. 
  • Shopping Cart Systems - $300.00 Allows shopper to look through your inventory and items, add them to an online cart, switch items and give totals. 
  • Bulletin Board Message Systems - $300.00  Allows participants from around the world to post messages and participate in discussions like Usenet Newsgroups.
  • Mailserv discussion lists and distribution mail lists - These are now so abundant online we recommend using a free service in exchange for ads. 
  • Marketing and Promotion
    • Registration  on Major Directories and Search Engines: $100.00
    • Research  on related online venues (Usenet, Newsgroups, Mail Lists and related sites for link exchange) $100.00
    • Sorry, No Spamming or unsolicited distribution of advertising!

All prices are estimates.  Contact information below.

Marketing and Commerce on the Net    Like to Learn more about Internet marketing and commerce? 
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    Howard Rheingold says  
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