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Image is Understanding  

DreamGate offers a wide variety of graphic skills, 
including basic design and logo development as well 
as the ability to translate your ideas and projects 
into a simple and easy to communicate images.

DreamGate Design Capabilities
DreamGate began exploring Online Art Galleries in 1995  
with the opening of the ASD Conference in Berkeley. Since   
that time, other dream inspired online galleries have   
contracted with DreamGate.  Here are three examples.  
  The ASD Art Gallery, Berkeley 1996 & Asheville 1997
  The Alissia Goldring Art Gallery
    The Brzeski Art Gallery

Some sites need more complex linking to data which   
can be easily accessed by clients and customers. 

    The Cyber-Dream Reference Library
ASD link Collection
  The ASD Links Collection
  The Electric Dreams Virtual Community 
Often simplicity is the best design for a web site.
Charles McPhee: Stop Sleeping Through your Dreams
Other times complexity of design contributes to a web site.
The History of Dream Sharing In Cyberspace: 
1998 Conference
Like to More? See the DreamGate Client Update List 
A few References and Endorsements:  

Dr. Alan Siegel, Editor for The Association for the Study of Dreams  
Rita Dwyer, President ASD  
Dr. Jayne Gackenbach, GGMC Anthropologist and Cyber-Pioneer  
Lars Spivock, Manager, Computer Crisis Center 
Linda Magallon, Author of Mutual Dreaming 
Jill Gregory, Director of the Novato Dream Archive and Library 

Howard Rheingold says  
the Electric Dreams Community is "Great!" 

Also, see the interview with DreamGate  
owner  Richard Wilkerson in WIRED

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