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   Networking increases everyone's market  

The Internet has changed everyone's ideas and plans about what it means to network and market. DreamGate offers its clients two major areas of getting the word out about your projects.  The first is registration with all major search engines, directories and online find-it services. The second is by link exchanging your pages with other sites in related areas, increasing traffic to both. 

DreamGate Marketing and Networking
Here are what we feel are the most useful ways to Market and Network your projects:
Linking to Like Minded Sites   Connections to other Web Sites builds traffic and market share. Sites without links are like islands in the desert. DreamGate recommends a continual program of community outreach, updated linking and mutual link exchange programs.  Novel linking includes hypertext documents and  linking of ideas & novel new technologically linked communities.
Linking to Directories   Registration on Networked Directories is an essential  way to let your clients and customers know where you are. Proper connections to Yahoo, Alta-Vista, C|net, Lycos, and the hundreds of other directories are important and often the first place people go to find you. Proper connections involve matching information keys with search engines and directories.
 Global Market   Global Marketing On the Internet.  Developing a presence online requires more than directory listings. DreamGate has found that it requires an agora, a community marketplace that develops from a constant pulse of information, products, services and interactive feedback. DreamGate is a pioneer in virtual community and will help your company and projects develop the same kind of personal yet global marketplace. 
New Technologies   Educational Systems and training  are often needed to give your clients and customers a better understanding of your services and products. Some companies and organizations actually offer education as their main service. DreamGate is an pioneer in online education and can offer your company and projects our experience with training and education via the Internet. 
  New Technologies in Marketing and Networking. DreamGate is a member of the larger Internet community and we like to keep up with the latest developments that enhance and impact our virtual global  community. This means that your Net Project will be kept up right along with our own growth and development. 
Marketing and Commerce on the Net    Like to Learn more about Internet marketing and commerce? 
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