Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1996).Dream Bibliographies Online! . Electric Dreams 3(8), www.dreamgate.com/dream/ed-backissues/ed3-8.htm  (Sep, 1996)

Dream Bibliographies Online!

Richard Wilkerson


Have you ever wondered what kinds of books are on dreams and anthropology? Or how about finding a good book on the comparison of different ways of interpreting dreams? And just where do you go if you want a book to help you deal with children and nightmares?

DreamGate & Electric Dreams now have a place to find these and more! Dream Bib's is a pointer site that you can go to an quickly access thousands of *references* to dream books and articles. Some collections include the Association for the Study of Dreams Recommended Reading List, the Novato Center for Dreams List for Children's Books, Dream Network's article list , the Henry Reed Collected Bibliography, the personal publications of researchers like Ernest Hartmann and Bill Domhoff, my own collection that includes chapters in books as well as articles and a special anthropology bibliography - to name a few!

If you find or have a collection that you would like added, simple send either the URL to me or the Bibliography itself. rcwilk@aol.com

Enjoy! -Richard (