Wilkerson, Richard C. (1997). What's the Scoop on Dreaming in Cyberspace? In: A Guide to Dreaming in Cyberspace. San Francisco, CA: DreamGate Publications

What's the Scoop on Dreaming in Cyberspace?

So what's the Scoop on dreams & dreaming online? It getting harder and harder to summerize.

My general feeling is one of excitement. Everything is new and in process of experimentation. I

want everyone's vision to count. Let me tell you about my projects and offerings and then you

can explore from there.


-Oneiro-Network Mail list

- Electric Dreams dreamsharing Ezine

- Dream Sharing Groups online

- Dream Classes via email

- Dreamworkers Online Project

- ASD Conference Education Page

- Other Dreaming projects on the Net

Oniero-Network Mail list

A loosely formed peer group for the discussion of lucid and other kinds of dreaming. The mail list is the backdrop for other online activities and events - see their web site or the Global Dreaming News for more info. it runs about 3 -6 messages per day as of December 1996.

to subscibe send an email

to: majordomo@igc.apc.org

Subject: sub me

In Body of email put only:

subscribe dreamgroup-c

In a few minutes you will get the information and scoop on the dream club and activities addresses.

ELECTRIC DREAM Dream sharing ezine - If you are interested in how dream sharing is

working on the Net, and want the latest Net news, and a forum for asking questions about dreams

and dreaming or discussing you own views, I suggest a free subscription to the our community

Magazine. Just send an email to

TO: majordomo@igc.apc.org

SUBJECT: (anything on this line, its not read - you can put SUB ME if you want)


subscribe electric-dreams

In a short time you will receive a welcome letter and once a month Electric Dreams will be

delivered to your address. If you get a chance, drop me a line an tell me a little bit about your

interest in dreams and dreaming.

Send dreams for comment and publication to Bob Krumhansl bobkrum@erols.com

You can send as many as you wish, but usually one a week is about all the staff can handle.

Issues come about about every month - dreams, news, projects, articles, ect.

If you have a web browser you can find us at:


If you are a little more experienced with dreams, [have kept a journal and like to interpret

dreams] I'd like to offer to you membership on the Electric Dream Core - a group of good hearted

and intuitive indivduals who comment on other's dreams. While anyone can comment on dreams

and send those comments in, the Core get the dreams as they come in via our mail list. There is no

obligation. If you want to comment on a dream, you do so and we publish those each issue along

with the dreams. If interested drop me a line and sign up by sending another e-mail to:

To: majordomo@igc.apc.org

Subject: Sign me up (or anything, its automatic)

In body just put:

subscribe ed-core

This will sign you up and you will get instructions and info on the mail list.

DREAM SHARING GROUPS - About every two weeks we begin a new groups. Usually 4-6

people per group and they last about a couple weeks - usually email. We share 2 or 3 dreams, ask

questions, make comments and keep fairly close to the "If this were my dream" style.

Email Chris Hicks


and say "yes, put me on the sign up list for the next Dream sharing Group!" You can sign up

anonymously or not , as you wish. Many use pen names.

DREAMGATE DREAM CLASSES ONLINE - These are fee ($10.00) classes and really great!

You get not only knowledge of dreaming on the net, but offline also. We practice a variety of

know techniques and explore the history of dreams, as well as the science and anthropology of

dreams. Best of all, you can use your own dreams to explore the varieties of dreamland all via

email. Classes usually run $100.00 and run about 3 months, but since I'm still working on the web site, the cost is only 10 bucks.!

For more info drop me a line. Richard Wilkerson class1@dreamgate.com

(classes start at the beginning of each month)

DREAMWORKERS ONLINE PROJECT - If you are already a dream worker, researcher, artist

or otherwise involved with dreams, we have a project designed to get you attention and

connection to the community of dreams. Contact Richard Wilkerson rcwilk@dreamgate.com

and send your profile and contact addresses if possible.

We just finished the ASD -XIII Conference in Berkeley.

I left a wonderful Education Page on dreams and science, art, interpretation ect at


ASD - Association for the Study of Dreams.

GLOBAL DREAMING NEWS: This comes with an Electric Dreams Subscription, and is about

conventions and web pages and other news worthy dream stuff. We would like everyone

interested in becoming a local reporter or represetative of your area, be that geographic or some

part of cyberspace. We are always interested in what particular commerical online servers (like

aol, compuserve, microsoft, ect) are offering and like to put reports out when we can - please help

us out by sending local information or posting Electric Dreams or Global Dreaming News on your



OTHER DREAM PROJECTS ON THE NET: Too many to list here, but I try to keep track of

them via two main sources. The first is a guide I put out last year - still free and available via the

web site for DreamGate at http://www.dreamgate.com

Or you can visit the Dream Resources Pages


Summary of suggestions on plugging in to online dreaming:

1. subscribe to Electric Dreams

2. Send in dreams or articles on topics in dreaming

3. Larger interest? Join my class(fee)

4. sign up for an Electric Dreams/DreamGate sponsered group.

5. Explore other sites online via the ED link page

(soon to be revised)

6. send me a summary of your interests in dreaming so I can

connect you with the folks who are knowledgable in that area.





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