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Jill Gregory

Director of the Novato Center for Dreams


Books on Dreams List

K-12 Plus Books for adults helping kids with dreams

gr= grade


Part I: Books: Fiction & Non-Fiction

Source: Novato Public Library

Adoff, Arnold. Flamboyan
Alexander, Martha G. Bobo's Dream. 1970. Wordless.
Allgood, Dave & Allgood, Stephanie. Merry Bear Book of
Dreams: A      Book to Read & Color, 2nd ed. (Illus.)
36p. (ps-3). 1985. pap.  2.95. Merry Bears.
Allison, Diane Worfolk. In Window Eight, the Moon is Late
Anastasio, Dina. My Wish Book. 48p. 1981. pap. 1.75.
Price Stern.
Anrooy, Frans van. The Sea Horse
Arnold, Tedd. No Jumping on the Bed!
Asch, Frank. Milk & Cookies. 1982.
Axworthy, Anni. Ben's Wednesday
Aylesworth, Jim. The Bad Dream. Ann Fay ed. (Illus.).
32p. (ps-2).   1985. 10.50. A Whitman
Aylesworth, Jim , Tonight's the Night
Balet, Jan B. Joanjo
Balzola, Asun. Munia and the Orange Crocodile
Bartelt, Jeanine, et. al. A Fence Too High. Marty French
et. al. illus.      26p. (ps and up). 1986. 7.95. [cass.
incl. Worlds Wonder]
Berenstein, Stan & Jan. The Berenstein Bears and the Bad
Berger, Barbara H. The Donkey's Dream. Barbara H. Berger
illus. 32p.    (ps-5). 1986. 13.95. Putnam Pub Group.
Berry, Joy. Every Kid's Guide to Understanding
Nightmares.    Bartholemew, illus. 48p. (gr. 3-7). 1987.
Bohdal, Susi. The Magic Honey Jar
Bond, Felicia. Wake Up, Vladimir
Bornstein, Ruth. The Dream of the Little Elephant. 1977.
Bradley, Michael. The Shaping Room. 1978.
Bram, Elizabeth. Woodruff and the Clocks. 1980.
Briggs, Raymond. The Snowman. 1978.
Brook, Ruth. Toony & the Midnight Monster. Kondo Valla 
illus. 32p.    (gr. k-3). 1987. 11 Associates
Brown, M.K. Let's Go Swimming With Mr. Sillypants
Brown, Margaret Wise. Dream Book , Richard Floethe 
illus., Dell   Publishing, 18 pgs. 
Brown, Margaret Wise. The Little Farmer
Bruna, Dick. Miffy's Dream. 1984. 2.95. Price Stern.
Buckley, Helen Elizabeth. Someday With My Father
Callen, Larry. Dashiel and the Night
Carroll, Lewis. The Nursery "Alice," Alice's Adventures
in   Wonderland. 1865, 
Carroll, Lewis. Through the Looking Glass and What Alice
Found     There. 1871.
Chorao, Kay. Lemon Moon. 1983.
Chwast, Seymour. Still Another Children's Book
Cohen, Caron Lee. The Mud Pony. Orig. told by Yellow-
Collington, Peter. Little Pickle
Colonna, Phyllis & Rassmussen, Della M. Power of
Dreaming. (gr. k-7).     Eagle Mktg Corp.
Coombs, Patricia. Dorrie and the Dreamyard Monsters
Cosgrove, Stephen E. The Dream Stealer 
Cosgrove, Stephen E. The Dream Tree. 1980.
Craig, M. Jean. What Did You Dream?
Crowley, Arthur. The Wagon Man
Cuyler, Margery. Fat Santa
Dahl, Roald. Dirty Beasts
Daugherty, Charles Michael. Wisher
Davis, Emmett. Only in Dreams. Cindy Wheeler illus. 32p.
(ps-4).   1983. 14.65. Raintree Pubs.
Dennis, Wesley. Flip
Denton, Kady M. Dorothy's Dream. Kady M. Denton, illus.
32p. (ps-3).   1989  12.95  Macmillan
De Warren, Shaun. Harris Visits the Garden of Everything,
Stillpoint     Publishing, Walpole, New Hampshire, 1985.,
31 pgs. 12.95.
Dewey, Ariane. Dorin and the Dragon
Dickinson, Peter. Merlin Dreams. Lee Alan, illus. 160p.
(gr. k-12).    1988. 19.95. Delacorte.
Donaldson, Lois. Karl's Wooden Horse
Dragonwagon, Crescent. Half a Moon and One Whole Star
Drescher, Henrik. Simon's Book
Duncan, Lois. Horses of Dreamland. Donna Diamond, illus.
32p. (ps-3).   1986. 12.95. Little.
Duvoisin, Roger Antoine. The Missing Milkman
Elzbieta. Dikou and the Mysterious Moon Sheep
Erskine, Jim. Bedtime Story
Evans, M. Bring Me All of Your Dreams. 1980.
Fabian, Stella. A Pocketful of Dreams. (Illus.). (gr. 3-
6). Brighton &      Lloyd.
Foreman, Michael. Land of Dreams
Francis, Anna B. Pleasant Dreams
Francis, Frank. The Magic Wallpaper
Fujikawa, Gyo. Dreamland. Fujikawa, Gyo, illus. 14p.
(ps). 1981. 2.25.   Putnam Pub Group.
Gantos, Jack. Greedy Greeny
Garrison, Christian. The Dream Eater. Diane Goode, illus.
32p. (ps-2).   1986. pap. 3.95. Macmillan.
Gay, Marie-Louise. Moonbeam on a Cat's Ear
Giff, Patricia Reilly. Next Year I'll Be Special
Ginsburg, Mirra. Across the Stream. 1982 
Ginsburg, Mirra. Four Brave Sailors
Gould, Deborah. Grandpa's Slide Show
Greenfield, Eloise. Daydreamers. Tom Feelings, illus.
(gr. k up). 1981.   11.95. Dial Bks Young. 
Greenfield, Eloise. Africa Dream.
Greenwood, Ann. A Pack of Dreams
Hague, Kathleen. Out of the Nursery, Into the Night.
Hale, Irina. Donkey's Dreadful Day
Hall, Talla B. The Dreaming Swing. Talla B. Hall, illus.
48p. (gr. 1-6).     1988. pap. 4.95. Shameless Hussy.
Hansen, Ron. The Shadowmaker
Hayes, Geoffrey. The Secret Inside
Heller, Nicholas. Mathilda, the Dream Bear
Hill, Susan. Go Away, Bad Dreams! Vanessa Julian-Ottie, 
illus.    Sharon Lerner, ed. (Illus.) 32p. (ps-2). 1985.
pap. 1.95. Random.
Hodgetts, Blake Christopher. Dream of the Dinosaurs
Hunter, Mollie. The Knight of the Golden Plain
Hurd, Edith Thacher. Little Dog Dreaming
Jacobs, Joseph. The Crock of Gold
Jarrell, Randall. Fly by Night. Maurise Sendak, illus.
40p. (ps up).  1976. 11.95. pap. 2.95. FS&G.
Jennings, Michael. The Bears Who Came to Breakfix
Johnson, Jane. Bertie on the Beach
Jonas, Ann. The Quilt
Jukes, Mavis. I'll See You In My Dreams, Alfred A. Knopf,
NY. Stacey     Schuett, illus. 1993. $15.00, HC.
Kahn, Peggy. Wish Bear's Book of Wonderful Wishes.
Carloyn Bracken,    illus. 28p. (ps). 1983. 2.95. Random.
Karlin, Nurit. The Dream Factory
Keats, Ezra Jack. Dreams
Keith, Eros. Nancy's Backyard. 1973.
Kettlekamp, Larry. Dreams. 1968
Kimball, Hannah. Maria & Mr. Feathers. Lulu Delacre,
illus. 32p. 
     (gr. k-3). 1982. 4.39. pap. 1.95. Modern Curr.
Knotts, Howard. The Lost Christmas
Koontz, Robin Michal. Dinosaur Dream
Kotzwinkle, William. The Nap Master
Krahn, Fernando. Sebastian and the Mushroom
Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth. Remember the Secret
Lester, Alison. Ruby
Le-Tan, Pierre. Visit to the North Pole
Litowinsky, Olga. The Dream Book. 1978.
Low, Joseph. Don't Drag Your Feet...
Lund, Doris. Did You Ever Dream? 1969.
Major, Beverly. Porcupine Stew. 1982.
McDermott, Gerald. Daniel O'Rourke
McPhail, David. The Dream Child. David McPhail, illus.
32p. (ps-3).   1985. 12.95. Dutton, 
McPhail, David  Adam's Smile
McPhail, David  Mistletoe
McPhail, David  The Train
Mahlqvist, Stefan. I'll Take Care of the Crocodiles
Martin, Bill (William Ivan). Barn Dance!
Mayer, Mercer. There's a Nightmare in My Closet.
(Illus.). 32p. 
     (gr. k-3). 1976. pap. 3.95. Dial Bks Young,  
Mayer, Mercer. There's Something in My Attic.
Mayle, Peter. Sweet Dreams & Monsters: A Beginner's Guide
to   Dreams & Nightmares 
Mayle, Peter. Things That Go Bump under the Bed. Arthur
Robbins,  illus. (gr. k up). 1986. 9.95. Crown.
Mayper, Monica. After Good-night
Miller, Elizabeth. Cat, Dog and the ABCs. 1981.
Milos, R. Sleeping & Dreaming. (Illus.). 48p. (gr. k-4).
1987. PLB .
Moeschlin, Elsa. The Red Horse
Montresor, Berni. Bedtime!
Morgan, Allen. Nicole's Boat
Orgel, Doris. Little John
Otsuka, Yu. Suho and the White Horse, Penguin Books.
Oxford Book of Dreams, The. 1983. Oxford Univ. Press.
Paek, Min. Aekyung's Dream. Min Paek, illus. (Eng. &
Korean.). 24p. (gr.      2-7). 1988 12.95. Childrens Book
Pavey, Peter. One Dragon's Dream. 1978.
Paxton, Tom. Jennifer's Rabbit. 1970.
Peterson, Jeanne Whitehouse. Sometimes I Dream Of Horses.
Phelan, Paula. Turn and Smile
Pomerantz, Charlotte. The Moon Pony. 1967.
Reed, Kit. When We Dream
Rockwell, Anne F. Buster and the Bogeyman, 
Rockwell, Anne F.The Wolf Who Had a Wonderful Dream
Ross, Tony. Naughty Nicky
Ryder, Joanne. The Night Flight. 1985, '89.
Say, Allen. A River Dream
Sendak, Maurice. In the Night Kitchen. 1970, 
Sendak, Maurice. Where the Wild Things Are. 1963.
Sesame Street Staff. Sweet Dreams on Sesame Street. Janet
     Schulman ed. Maggie Swanson, illus. 12p. (ps-3).
1983. pap.     2.50. Random.
Sharmat, Marjorie W. The Son of the Slime That Ate
Cleveland.     Richard Pate, illus. 108p. (gr. k-6).
1985. pap. 2.50. Dell.
Shimin, Symeon. I Wish There Were Two of Me. 1976.
Shulevitz, Uri. The Treasure. 1978.
Simon, Kis. The Wise Queen. (Illus.). (gr. 2-8). 1979.
pap. 1.95.     Shameless Hussy.
Simons, Traute. Paulino
Snyder, Zilpha K. Blair's Nightmare. (gr. k-6). 1985.
pap. 3.25. Dell.
Spier, Peter. Dreams
Stan-Padilla, Viento. Dream Feather
Steig, William. The Zabajaba Jungle
Steptoe, John. Jeffrey Bear Cleans Up His Act. 1983.
Stevens, Janet. Animal Fair
Stevenson, James. Could Be Worse! James Stevenson, illus.
32p. (gr.      k-3). 1977. 13.00. Greenwillow. (1979.
pap. 3.95. Penguin).
Strand, Mark, The Planet of Lost Things
Supraner, Robyn. Molly's Special Wish. Margot Rocklyn,
illus. 48p. (gr.    1-3).1986, 9.49. (pap. 2.50. Troll
Sweetie: A Sugar-Coated Nightmare. 36p. (ps-4). 1985.
8.95.     cassette tape avail. Listen USA.
Tafuri, Nancy. Junglewalk. 1988.
Tejima, Keizaburo. Fox's Dream
Thorne, Jenny. My Uncle
Tomek, Hanna & Milton. Fanciful Nights
Tompert, Ann. Will You Come Back For Me?
Trez, Denise. Good Night, Veronica
Troughton, Joanna. Tortoise's Dream
Tudor, Tasha. A Tale For Easter
Uncle Hyggly, pseud. Tad Gonopolis & His Adventures in
the  Slumberyard, No. 3. Uncle Hyggly, illus. 48p. (gr.
3-6). 1987.    pap. 8.95. Wounded Coot.
Updike, David. A Winter's Journey
Van Allsburg, Chris. Ben's Dream. (Illus.). 32p. (gr. 2
up). 1982. 13.95.   HM.
Wahl, Jan. Humphrey's Bear 
Wahl, Jan. The Toy Circus
Waller, Wanda W. Unicorns & Dreams. Ron Lopez, ed. Sandra
Perrin,   illus. 39p. (gr. k-6). 1985. pap. 4.95. Lola
Ward, Lynd. The Silver Pony
Weisgard, Leonard. Who Dreams of Cheese
Wende, Philip. Bird Boy
Wersba, Barbara. Amanda Dreaming
Wiesner, David. Free Fall
Wildsmith, Brian. Carousel
Willard, Nancy. Night Story
Willard, Nancy. Nightgown of the Sullen Moon, 1983.
Wright, Betty R. The Secret Window. 160p. (gr. 3-7).
1982. 12.95.   Holiday.
Wright, Betty R.Why Do I Daydream? Marc Glessner, illus.
Manuel S.      Silverman, intro. by 32p. (gr. k-5). 1981.
Raintree Pubs Ltd.
Yorinks, Arthur. Hey, Al
Young, Helen. Wide-Awake Jake. 1974.
Zemach, Harve. Awake & Dreaming. Margot Zemach, ilus.
32p. (ps-3).   1970. 10.95. FS&G.
Zemach-Bersin, Kaethe. The Funny Dream. (Illus.). 32p.
(ps-3). 1988.  Greenwillow.
Zolotow, Charlotte. I Have a Horse of My Own. 1964.
Zolotow, Charlotte. Someday

Part II: Additional Books: Fiction & Non-fiction

Source: The Children's Books in Print 1991 and the Palo Alto City Library Juvenile Literature "Dreams" search by Beverly Hart, 8/4/92

                          Ahlberg, Allan, Dinosaur Dreams.
Baker, Alan, Benjamin's Dreadful Dream.
Collington, Peter, The Angel and the Soldier Boy.
Gay, Kristin. Herschel's Special Dream. Romar Books.
(1986). 5.95.
Hildick, E. W., Time Explorers, Inc..
James, Betsy, The Dream Stair.
Lobby, Theodore. Jessica and the Wolf. Magination Press.
5.95. In  print.
Mellecker, Judith. Randolph's Dream. Knopg. (1991).
14.95.In print. 
Millman, Dan Secret of the Peaceful Warrior, Starseed
Press,    Tiburon, CA. 1991.  $12.95. Hardcover. 
Nolan, Dennis. Dinosaur Dream.
Osofsky, Audrey, Dreamcatcher.
Parker, Steve. Dreaming In the Night: How You Rest, Sleep
and Dream.     Watts. (1991) In print.
Polacco, Patricia, Appelmando's Dreams.
Ross, Lilian. The Little Old Man and His Dreams. HarpC
Child Books    (1990). In print.
Smith, Lane, The Big Pets.
Van Allsburg, Chris, Just A Dream.
Wildsmith, Brian, My Dream.
Wright, Betty Ren, A Ghost in the Window.

Part III: Books for Junior High School- Aged Children

Source: Palo Alto City Library Juvenile Literature "Dreams" sea rch by Beverly Hart, 8/4/92 and NCD List

                           Cohen, Daniel, Dreams, Visions & Drugs
Hirsch, S. Carl, Theatre of the Night: What We Do and Do
Not Know  About Dreams
Holt, Pat. Mommy's Lesson. 32p. (gr. 5-9). 1985. pap.
3.95. Concordia.
Kettelkamp, Larry (1968) Dreams, William Morrow &
Kincher, Jonni (1988) Dreams Can Help: A Journal Guide to
     Understanding Your Dreams and Making Them Work For
You, Free      Spirit Publishing. 
Litowinsky, Olga & Bebe Willoughby (1978) The Dream Book,
Coward,   McCann & Geoghegan, Inc. 
Peck, Richard. Dreamland Lake. 128p. (gr. 7 up). 1990.
Roberts, Richard (1983) Tales For Jung Folk, Vernal
Equinox Press.
Silverstein, Alvin, The Mystery of Sleep
Silverstein, Alvin, Sleep And Dreams
Uchida, Yoshiko, A Jar of Dreams. 131p. (gr. 5-9). 1985.
pap. 3.95.     Macmillan.
Wiseman Ann Sayre (1986, 1989) Nightmare Help: For
Children, From      Children, Ten Speed Press.

Part IV: Fiction Books for High School to Adult

Source: Novato Center for Dreams

  Peterson, Sandy, et al eds. (1988) H.P. Lovecraft's
     Dreamlands: Cthulhu Roleplaying Beyond the Wall of
     Sleep, Chaosium Inc. [Softcover].(Includes a map)
     (The book is a supplement for use with "Call of

Petschek, Joyce. Silver Dreams, Celestial Arts, Berkeley,
1990,     [Second book of a trilogy].

Part V: Books for Adults Working With Children's Dreams

Source : Novato Center for Dreams

Allan, John, Inscapes of the Child's World, Spring
Publications, Inc.  1988, 1991. In print. *Recommended.
Beaudet, Denyse, Encountering the Monster: Pathways in
Children's     Dreams, Continuum Publishing Co., New
York,1990. In print. 
Catalano, Stephen, Children's Dreams in Clinical
Practice, Plenum    Publishing Corp, NY, 1990. In print.
Clyde, Sheri, A Child's Library of Dreams, Celestial
Arts, Millbrae,     CA. 1978. Out of print. *Recommended.
Craig, Paula M. Build Your Own Dream House, ARE Press,
Virginia  Beach, Virginia, 1974. Out of print.
Garfield, Patricia. Your Child's Dreams, Ballantine Books
of Random      House, New York, 1984. In print.
Roberts, Richard. Tales For Jung Folk, Vernal Equinox
Press, San     Anselmo, CA, 1983. Unsure if in print.
Tress, Arthur & John Minahan. The Dream Collector,
     Westover Publishing Company, 1972. Out of Print. 
West, Katherine. Chrystallizing Children's Dreams,  Amata
Graphics,      Lake Oswego, l978. Out of print.
Wiseman, Ann Sayre  (1986, 1989) Nightmare Help: For
     Children From Children, Ten Speed Press
     [Softcover].illus. 137p. (gr. 1-12). In print. *

Part VI: Articles and Excerpts for Adults Working with Children's Dreams

Source: Novato Center for Dreams

Beaudet, Denyse. "Dream Education: Growing Up With One's
Dreams",  ASD Newsletter, Vol 10, No 2 (1993).
Brzeski, Nancy Richter. "Bringing Dreams to Kids: A
Follow-up on Jill   Gregory's Work with Children" (1992)
available from the  author: 53 College Park, Davis, CA
Bulkley, Kelly. "A Review of Children's Books on Dreams",
Dream     Network Journal, Vol 10 # 1, Winter, 1991.
Bulkley, Kelly. "Teaching Dreamwork To Children", Dream
Network   Journal, Vol 10 #1, Winter, 1991.
Clemens, Sydney Gurewitz. "Dreams & Power"  in The Sun's
Not  Broken, A Cloud's Just in the Way. (On Child-
Centered  Teaching).
Folin, Marty, "Dream Birth" in Dream Network Bulletin,
Vol 7 # 6,     Nov-Dec, 1988.
Gregory, Jill. "Bringing Dreams to Kids." Dream Network
Bulletin,      Vol. 7, #2 & Vol. 7, #3.
Gregory, Jill. "Dreamworker Parents: Their Children's
Perspective."  Dream Network Bulletin, Vol. 8, #3.
Gregory, Jill. "Respecting the Child Dreamer", ASD
Newsletter, Vol.    10, No. 2, 1993.
Gross, Augusta & Rousso, June. "What Children Really
Think About    Their Dreams." Dreamworks, vol. 5, #3/4.
Hartzler-Cowels, Ellyn. "Children's Dreams." in Coat of
Many Colors.   Dream Tree Press.
Jacobs, Elyse. "Dream Theatre: Working From Children's
Dreams".  Dreamworks, vol. 3, #1. 
Melusky, Valerie. "As a Child Dreams." Dream Network
Bulletin, Vol.      2, #10.
Morris, Jill. Excerpts on children's dream sharing,
flying dreams and   studies of age and gender as related
to dream content. The    Dream Workbook.
Oaklander, Violet. "Dreams", Windows To Our Children,
Real People    Press, Moab, Utah, 1978. 
Phillips, Will and Noah "Honoring Dreams As A Family",
Dream     Network Journal, Vol 10 # 1, Winter 1991.
Tannous, Dr. Alex and Katherine Fair Donnelly, "Psychic
Dreams";       "Out-Of-Body Experiences",   In
Understanding and Developing  Your Child's Natural
Psychic Abilities,  (pp 37 - 60) Simon &     Schuster,
New York,1979.
Trowbridge, Bob. "Fight Your Nightmares." Cricket, Vol.
6, #2.    October, 1978.
 Wickes, Francis. "Dreams." The Inner World of Childhood.


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