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Cyberphile 20(2)

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Dream Resources Online: ASD Member Pages J-M

As I mentioned in the last issue of Dream Time, it has been some time since I have provided a general update of resources online in dreams and dreaming. With so many dream sites now online, I decided to narrow the focus and just provide ASD member sites that had substantial materials directly available online. Please see the previous issue for page A-I.

From David Jenkins, Ph.D., a unique approach using audio/video clips from The Reality of the Dream including "Working and playing with the dream as a real experience." There are also standard help pages, such as 20 Dream Techniques and how to work with dream images.

Juhani Kaariainen's Kilodream People Project. Is it art, dream interpretation or a map of the unconscious Hollywood? Over 250 photos from 1000 dream reports decorate the pages of this site. I’m including this as a dream-resource as an example for those who are looking for novel ways to express their dreams.

ASD co-founder Strephon Kaplan-Williams has a site worth visiting more than once. The most valuable resource is the Dream Card Interactive page. Here you can chose a dream theme such as healing, crisis, loss, courage, and then follow this theme to a page that has a four tarot style card layout. Picking one of the selections reveals a beautiful and symbolically rich card from the Kaplan-Williams designed dream deck, along with inspirational quotes. There is a forum to discuss the results with Kaplan-Williams as well. Online articles on dreamwork include “Dreamwork Eight Basic Questions”, “Online Course for Understanding Dreams”, “Online Course on Dreamdialogue & Symbol Immersion”, and “DreamCards Online Beginners Course.”

Dream Blogger and artist Bob Kathman offers visitors a wide variety of dream comics including “The Nightly Record” and Autobiographical dream comic collection, and “Flock of Dreamers” an anthology of dream comics. Add this to your collection of dream comics in the tradition of Rick Veitch and Jesse Reklaw.

Ed Kellogg, Ph.D., has been providing research and education for ASD members for many years. On the Paranormal Dreaming Forum you will find “An introductory Essay on Paranormal Dreaming”, a paranormal phenomena FAQ, the 1997 Mutual Lucid Dream Event and lucid mutual dream protocols, as well as past ASD Telepathy Contest Results and other resources.

Two articles by dreamworker Judy Knight, M.Ed include “What Lies Beneath: Dream Work and Its Relevance Today” and “Dreamwork: A Spiritual Practice.”

Lila Koufopoulou has an ongoing exhibit of dream inspired art in her collection titled “Dreams” part of a trilogy including Chaos and Psyche and Game of the Soul.

Barry Krakow, MD is the founder of the Nightmare Treatment Center and offers a nightmare FAQ, Quiz and article lists.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., has an array of articles and interviews, such as “ Self-organization in the dreaming brain” and “The construction of reality in waking life and dreaming life.” There are many other support articles on the site.

Don Kuiken, Ph.D. offers a summary of his research as well as links and abstracts in the area of dreams and self-perceptual depth, dreams and literature and dreams and phenomenology.

Stephen LaBerge’s Lucidity Institute is dedicated to the advancement of research on the nature and potentials of consciousness and to the application of the results of this research to the enhancement of human health and well-being.
To even list a summary of the vast resources of the The Lucidity Institute website would require a full issue of Dream Time. The site contains a full array of articles and abstracts, newsletter reprints and book chapters on lucid dreaming. There are many other resources on lucid dreaming on the site as well and forums for discussion of these topics, and updates on the Institute's projects, conferences and events.

Justina Lasley, MA, heads up the “Leadership of Dream Groups Forum” for the ASD E-Study list and provides ASD members a way to talk about how to go about being dreamwork group leaders as well as exploring the importance of group dreamwork. Members of the forum will investigate and share ideas regarding how to start a dream group, group organization, leader responsibilities, group guidelines, and group bonding.

Linda Lane Magallón’s Dream Flights website offers countless articles, FAQs, glossaries and other resources for those interested in flying dreams, dreams and psi, mutual dreaming and lucid dreaming. There are also dozens of articles, reviews and analysis of dreamwork, dream research and other historical projects related to dreams and dreaming, both online and off.

Clinton Marquardt, M.A., RPSGT offers articles on dreams and nightmares.

Ron Masa offers several articles and audio online e-books on dreamwork
including “U of the You Approach to Dreamwork” and “What Does Science Owe to Dreams?”

Robert Moss offers dozens of articles and essays on dreamwork, with an emphasis on active and conscious dreaming. His “Dream Exchange” includes a set of responses to common questions from active dreamers. The site also includes interviews and other resources for dreamworkers.

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