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Cyberphile 20(3)

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Dream Cyberphile
Richard Catlett Wilkerson

Dream Resources Online: ASD Member Pages N-Z

This is the last of three Cyberphiles covering online resources offered by ASD members. Please see the previous issues 20(1) and 20(2) for A-I and J-M.

Roberta Ossana, M.A., has been Publisher and Editor of Dream Network Journal since June, 1989 her site offers articles and important resources, listing local dreamgroups and regional networkers. Useful articles on dreamwork techniques by Dick McLeester Marc Ian Barasch, dreamwork as a cultural activity by William R. Stimson and Robert Moss, and over a dozen other articles on dreamwork. Also see the Big Dream project.

Co-Editor of Sleeping and Dreaming, Edward F. Pace-Schott is at the center of the current edge of dream science. This site provides seminal articles on dream and brain research.

Cynthia Pearson has a wide interest in dreams and dreamwork, and has provided online resource in an area of particular interest to her, long term journal keeping and dream databasing.
Articles by Pearson include Ruminations of a Dream Journalist, and Dreaming in a Liminal Time, which is based on the dreams that caregivers of the dying. There are articles addressing these and other issues by Ed Wirth, Dennis Schmidt and Linda Magallón.

Kat Peters- Midland, M.S. is the editor/publisher of The Rocky Mountain Dream Journal RMDJ and the “Let Your Dreams Be Your Guide” site . The RMDJ is a quarterly dream community newsletter that keeps dreamworkers up on events in dreamworking. The RMDJ site contains back issues and the dream guide site offers short articles on dreamwork and dream ethics.

Victoria Quinton is an early online dreamwork pioneer and her site has provided a port for dreamworkers online for over a decade. Currently she hosts the DreamChatters eList, which has served as a friendly discussion channel for dreamwork since 1999.

Henry Reed provides two resources sections, the journal and general dream information. Sundance: The Community Dream Journal was a pioneering dreamwork publication including seminal articles on dreams and dreamwork techniques. Henry has a project to bring these online. Some of the material is already available. The site contains the instructions for the Dream Helper Ceremony, a Dream Inspired art gallery and articles on dreamwork and dreamwork history.

Michael Schredl, Ph.D., has one of the most extensive bibliographies online for books and articles on dreams. Also, see the mannheim url for the sleep research lab (in German).

Previously mentioned in detail in Dream Time 20(1) , Alan Siegel, Ph.D. offers a wide variety of guides and articles on dreams, children, nightmares, and dreamwork from both clinical and lay perspectives.

Cody Sisson and the New England Dreamwork Institute, a leader in dreamwork certification, offers a FAQ on dreamwork and articles on dreams, dreamwork and keeping a dream journal. There is also a dream inspired art gallery and important information about using voice online to develop dream groups.

Dianne Cullen Smith, a New Zealand dreamworkers, offers three articles, The Stuff of Dreams, Dream Lovers, and Can Dreams Tell the Future?

Jeremy Taylor offers a wide variety of articles on his site. In the Dreamwork section, there is a Dreamwork Toolkit, a popular dreams section, a how to use dream creatively article, and a help section for nightmares. Taylor also includes an insightful article on Dreamwork in Cyberspace. The site contains writing about dreams and 9-11, and provides resources and links regarding certification in dreamwork. There is also information on dream inspired art and dreamwork related events.

Johanna Vedral offer dream sharing groups, articles and dream inspired art (in German).

Craig Webb’s DREAMS Foundation site is a major source of online dream information. Many topics in dreaming and dreamwork are covered. Some of the topics include dreams & their waking life applications, nightmare help, dream integration: dream interpretation & beyond, dream incubation, dreams of the future & warning dreams and the science of sleep and dreams. The site has an annotated book review section, surveys, and information about dream adventures in the waking world.

Tjitske Wijngaard maintains a Dutch website about dreams with and English section that includes an ongoing study of dreams as they are reflected in waking life.

I have already reviewed the extensive resources at DreamGate and Electric Dreams in earlier issues, but I think for the new ASD members, its appropriate to mention these resources again at the end of the ASD Member Recourses A-Z, if only in passing. DreamGate offers two main plug-in points for online dreamwork. The first is the new DreamGate Dream Library with hundreds of articles on dreamwork. http://tinyurl.com/sg8x
The second plug-in point is the monthly free e-zine Electric Dreams. http://tinyurl.com/sg93 

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sources that you are putting online for dreamworkers, dream researchers and others interested in dreams and dreaming.

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