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From the editor:

Here it is, the first official issue of the Dream Newsletter.  To start out, 
I'd like to get a few items of business out of the way.

1.  What should we name the newsletter?  I will be taking 
    suggestions all week, and will publish them in the next issue. 
    We can vote on them then.

2.  How long should each issue be?  I do hope to send this out 
    once per week.  I might not be able to reply to all of your 
    posts right away, as I'm busy working and going to school and 

3.  Should I continue to advertise?  We can either keep trying to    
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    the mailing list so far.  As a side note, should I make this first 
    issue available in alt.dreams?

With that out of the way, I would like to thank BJ Hiorns and Valentina 
Kaquatosh for their help in editing this issue with me.  I would also like to 
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interest and support. That makes the official "editors" me 
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*All dreams reprinted with any typos intact.

Dream submitted by lfrazer@cerf.net

I have enclosed a dream that my sister had recently ... unfortunately Ive been 
so stressed that Ive had terrible dream recall (I know of one way that I can 
get UN stressed but unfortunately THAT isnt happening either!)  argh...

so, other's dreams courtesy of me....

On Thu, 7 Apr 1994, Karen D. Frazer wrote:

I am at the top of a tall, tall, tall building with windows made of glass.  I 
am looking out the window at the dark blue night sky and there are wonderful 
stars out--I am alone.  In the sky directly above I see an enormous 
constellation -- about the size of Leo -- but in reverse, almost lnike there 
was a hole where the stars would be. But that didn't feel  like a bad thing.  
It's in the shape of a horse, roughly.  I remember looking at it with awe and 
respect and deep, deep love, as if I was a child looking at a god, only it 
wasn't sentient (it was definitely a horse).
 All of a sudden out of the pattern in the sky comes a real horse, falling.  
It is brown with black on its lower legs and a black mane and tail,  Arabian, 
breathtakingly beautiful and pure.  It falls past me, standing looking out the 
window, and I watch it go down, and down, and down, in this sort of "Oh, look, 
it's coming down", no worry at all.  This falling takes a few minutes and I'm 
watching the horse as it falls.  The horse doesn't move or neigh or do 
anything--it's like a dead bird if its shot in flight, silent, graceful, 
dropping through the wind. 

Then it reaches the bottom and oh, oh, it hits like you would imagine it 
would, splattering all over.  Blood is everywhere, very graphic, etc (sorry). 
I remember looking from the building in a state of complete and awnful shock. 
I somehow thought it would just land on its feet and everything would be hunky 
dory. I stare astonished at it.  That beautiful horse, so pure, that I loved 
so much, in pieces on the ground.
Next scene:  I am at a busy restaurant--kind of like a Johnny Rockets--and 
I'm on the phone to the owner (?) of the horse, explaining what happened.  I 
still feel kind of in shock.  The owner is saying, matter of factly but not in 
a mean way, Well, just get a big hose and wash it away; no big deal.  I'm 
stuttering in confusion:  No, we have to make plans for a burial, gather the 
pieces together, make arrangements....The owner is completely puzzled.  Why 
all the fuss?  It's like a fish; just flush it away.
 Next scene:  I am sitting at the restaurant with Mom and she is ordering food 
by the ton. I sit there, embarrassed by her gluttony, and look at her and see 
the resemblance I have to her.  I sit and watch, apathetic, kind of resigned. 
 There was more but that's all I can really remember.  Any impressions? The 
first thing that comes to mind is that the horse is something in me(perhaps my 
childhood, that I feel like is being taken away from me or dying somehow with 
Mom leaving?) that is dying and I don't feel like its beinnnng given its due, 
that its death is being appreciated.  And what does a horse symbolize in 
dreams?  I've never dreamed about a horse before.

Laura Hamilton Frazer
"Man is the dream of the Dolphin"

Dream submitted by hi205436@spstmail.uwsp.edu

hi folks--here's a dream i had on 23 april 1994, right from me dream journal.

   I'm being chased by a large truckload of futuristic bounty hunters, all of 
them wearing black leather and armour with spikes and stuff (like "Ice 
Pirates" rabble).  Apparently I'm the most wanted woman in the galaxy, but as 
far as *I'm* concerned I haven't done anything wrong.  I just live my life as 
I see fit, but I know why whoever wants me dead wants me dead. 

   I see the bounty hunters coming across a huge field, like the one in "Toys" 
but darker; the grass is starting to die and there are a few bare spots.  
They're all working together.  I think they're all working for a larger power, 
like an individual or a company.  I dash into a large building that's just a 
maze of industrial hallways.  Actually, the inside of the building is large.  
From the field, it just looks like a small bunker or something.  It's been 
abandoned for a while. 

   The hallways wind all over the place and it's easy to get lost, which most 
of the hunters promptly do.  I spend most of the dream hiding around corners 
or in small rooms, running down the hall dodging futuristic gunfire and 
leaping over concrete half-walls.  They chase me all over.  They're everywhere 
I turn, but I usually know where they are.  I think I'm marginally telepathic. 
I dodge projectiles and energy bursts, waiting for a window of safety.  I also 
manage to take out almost all of the hunters--in fact, they do most of the 
taking out for me (they're not very bright). 

   I bolt from the building, leaving most of them inside, firing at each 
other.  I've anaged to pick up a couple of guns along the way.  I'm back out 
in the field, and it's early dusk.  Across the field, on the horizon, I see 
about three or four people.  They've been there waiting for me to come out, 
but they don't see me.  The second from the right is the leader--he's HUGE.  
If I can take him out, I'm free. 

   I raise my gun and fire, but it's a cap gun.  I fire a few times, but it's 
still a cap gun.  The noise I make, while not as loud as most cap guns, draws 
their attention, and the leader lobs an automatic rifle at me.  It's like a 
grenade.  He wants to blow me up. 

   The gun falls short, on a bare spot in the grass, and doesn't explode.  I'm 
closer to it, so I run down and grab it.  I know he's too far away--I might 
not hit him.  I pull back my arm to throw it sideways as hard as I can 

        and the alarm in the room next to me goes off.  i live in 
        a dorm.  this means, that when my neighbour goes home for 
        the weekend and forgets to disable the alarm on his clock, 
        the sound comes through the wall as loud as my own alarm 
        and wakes me up at 7, when i'd much rather be sleeping 
        late.  i lay there for 45 minutes, while the alarm (being 
        the cheap piece of crud it is) beeps away on the other 
        side of my wall.  i jam my pillow over my head, but it 
        just doesn't work. 

   Finally, I've had it.  I climb out of bed, grab my keys and go into the 
hall.  There's nobody around.  I can't find the RA to let me into the room so 
I can turn off that alarm, so I try my own key (it doesn't occur to me that we 
have combination locks).  It opens. 

  I enter the room and quickly close the door, in case anybody gets 

   Now for the alarm.  I walk across the tasteful, light blue plush carpeting, 
past the entertainments system (nice stereo, I note in passing) and the 
microwave--these guys live well.  I always wondered what their room looked 
like.  I climb the ladder to the bunk bed and reach up--the clock is on top of 
the room light, beeping away. 

   I turn off the alarm switch, but it doesn't stop.  I press all the buttons 
in sequence, turn dials and hit the stupid thing.  Nothing works.  Finally, I 
notice that on the left side of the clock, on top, is a small opening packed 
with shredded yellow foam rubber.  I dig around in that, unearthing a small 
dial.  As I begin to turn it, I hear voices out in the hall.  It's the guys 
whose room I am currently invading. 

   I frantically turn the dial all around, finally giving up when I hear the 
combination being punched into the door.  No time to run now, so I hop off of 
the ladder and duck behind the pint-sized refrigerator with its microwave.  
The two guys come in.  One of them looks directly at me, but I don't think he 
sees me... 

and then i woke up again--the alarm had finally stopped, but now i had to get 
out of bed.  i was not happy.  let me have a show of hands--since this is the 
umpteenth weekend these guys have left me in hell with their @#$*& alarm 
clock, who's for me putting a message on their door this friday saying "Before 
you leave, please remember to disable your smegging alarm."? 

when i'm not asleep, i'm cranky. 

| --BJH--                           | "YOU have a DREAM?"              | 
| hi205436@spstmail.uwsp.edu        |               -Stan Freberg      | 

Dream submitted by mdbrown@artsci.wustl.edu 

I have had a lot of tunnel-to-something dreams; here is a recent one. 
 I enter an underground tunnel, dark but with a pale blue light dimly showing 
the way.  After what seems a long walk, I come to a stone crypt.  Some of the 
individual stones are loose, and I am able to push them away and to see a 
sarcophagus.  I slowly open the lid to find a long-dead queen, lit by the same 
pale blue and wearing a five-pointed crown.  I somehow become aware that I am 
a young man w ith dark curly hair, possibly a descendant of the queen but not 

Dreams submitted by cbeattie@uwspmail.uwsp.edu 

1.  I was having a great time flying in a very flimsy glider.  The glider was 
made of a blue blanket that I sat on diagonally and controlled with 4 thumb 
levers, 2 on each hand.  I sat upright on the glider, with my feet out in 
front of me.  I was buzzing buildings that looked a lot like the a group of 
dorms I know.  I hoped a friend of mine would see me.  He was living in one of 
the dorms, which 
 I spent a lot of time diving at.  I was followed by two other people on 
gliders identical to mine.  One was male and the other was female.  We landed 
in something like a barn which was about where the parking lot behind one of 
the dorms.  We talked about something.  I talked to the guy, the woman sat in 
the background.  I think we were arguing about something. 

2.  I was using a scalpel or an x-acto knife to cut shallow incisions into 
both legs at the outside pants seam line.  I could feel the pull of the blade, 
but there was no pain.  I tried to squeeze something out of my leg from just 
under the skin.  This was some sort of nightly ritual to get rid of some 

Dream submitted by bolakk@alleg.edu 

I had several really bizarre dreams last night, but one of them  really struck 
me.  I was with my little brother (he's 7) and I was supposed to take him on a 
little canoe trip.  Everything was fake, the water was only deep enough so 
that the boat would float.  The scene was set in the rain forest.  Well, After 
we get in, the paddle falls out and so does this little stick type thing.  It 
was about 8 inches long and very thin and white. I don't know what it was 
except that in my dream I thought it was very important.  As I'm reaching for 
it, everything that was supposed to be off, gets turned on: the rapids, the 
bugs, and predators.  I couldn't reach the paddle or the stick thing and we 
started flowing downstream.  The dream ended with me holding onto him for dear 
life and trying to regain some control of the boat amid the rapids.  Any 

--- Kimberly Bolak --}bolakk@alleg.edu{-- 
Many things can be taken from you, but not your dignity, 
           that you must give away. 

That's all for this week.  See you on Sunday, with a list of name suggestions 
and maybe a snazzier format!  Make sure you keep sending in those dreams--that 
way we can assemble this and you'll be able to sleep easy.