"I can tell by the mark he left you were in his dream..."


Electric Dreams

Volume 2 Issue #10

18 August 1995


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Column: The Mystical Meaning of Dreams

By Swami Vimanananda

Article: Lucid Dreaming and the Wake/Sleep Doorway

by John Mott

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Response to Stan's article on dream Comics. by Val

Comic Journal Dream Entries. by Val

==== Dreams In Memory of Jerry Garcia ====

Dream: "Ripples Backstage" by Catherine

Dream: "Numbered Days" by Hammerman

Dream: "It Must Have Been The Roses" by Sue

Dream: "The Energy Circle" by Sierra

Dream: "Curtain Call" by Unknown

Dream: "Weir in Kentucky" by David Brooks

Dream: "Onstage Whispers" by Chip

Dream: "Out to Sea" by Rob

==== Dreams and Lucid Dreams ====

Dream: Angel Workshop" by Gail

Dream: "Prison Basement" by Shadow

Commentary on "Prison Basement" by Brenda G.

Commentary on "Prison Basement" by Marian

Dream: "Love, Commitment, and Youth" by Shadow

Commentary on: "Love, Commitment &..." by Brenda G.

Commentary on "Love, Commitment and Youth" by Marian

Dream: "Being Crimson" by Shadow

Commentary on "Being Crimson" by Marian

Dream: "Ripples Backstage" by Catherine

Lucid Dream: "The Wall" by Stan Kulikowski ii

Commentary on "The Wall" by bobc

Commentary on "New York City-the eternal playground" (ED 2-9) by Shadow

Commentary on "Tidal Wave" (ED 2-9) by Shadow

Dream: "Fast Food Creature" by

Commentary on "Fast Food Creature" by Val

Commentary on "Fast Food Creature" by Brenda G.

Commentary on "Fast Food Creature" by Marton

Commentary Marian on "ginny's angry sister" by Marian

Reply by jay to richard's comments on "ginny's angry sister"

Commentary on: "Being Crimson" by Val

Dream: "Orca Yin-Yang Dream" by Trisha Lamb Feuerstein

Dreams: "Ghosts 1: Detection" by Viking

Dreams: "Ghosts 2: Visitation" by Viking

Commentary on "Conference Debris" by SubZero

Dream: "do it yourself neurosurgery" by Art

Another comment on "lemur dream" by Art

Dream Fragments: "A Night By the Pool" by Simone

Commentary on "New York City -- playground of the gods".. by Flare

Dream1: "NIGHTMARE" or "Submarine" by Mango

Dream2: "I almost die... " by Mango

Dream3: "I die this time" by Mango


Dream "The Apollo Dolphin" by Corydon

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Hello to all our new subscribers! We have so much going on this issue I hardly know how to characterize it all besides saying we seem to be moving into a new era. This means some endings and some beginnings.

First, we need a new dream editor. Cathy needs a break. She's not leaving the ED community, but we do need someone to take over the collecting and editing of dreams and dream commentary. If you are interested, send me a note and I'll tell you what's involved. For now, send all dreams and comments to me at <rcwilk@aol.com> Our many, many thanks Cathy to the many, many free hours and wonderful resources you have shared with us.

--We have a candidate for the new drem editor, BobK, but he can't start until October. Can someone help out until then?

Speaking of leaving, Fred Olsen is moving the SF based dreamhouse to Oregon after a disastrous fire and if you want to help out with in the transition - see the Global Dreaming News.

The dream circle dreamsharing groups got a little bogged down in breaks in the chain, so we are shifting to mini mail lists format. If you are interested in participating, as a dream sharer or commentator, send me a note and you can join us. I also would like to try a "structured return" to the alt.dreams newsgroup. I feel this is a resource that still holds great potential. Tell me what you thing about a "visit" or "outing" to this newsgroup.

Please welcome Swami V. to our community. She has some great suggestions for bringing consciousness to our dreaming process.

We also have some delightful articles ranging dream comics to lucid testimonies.

I want to mention a thanks to all who sent in Jerry Garcia dreams for the memorial. Your all in my heart.

And what a collection we have this issue of dreams, dreams, dreams. Have fun and keep sending 'em in!

Richard Wilkerson




==== Comment by Art on dream symbology/Zolar's/storms ====

What is the opinion of published works pertaining to the

symbology of dream images? I find it interesting that a certain image in one person's dream might have the same meaning in another's dream. This scenario might indicate

a 'group' effect similar to the moon and Venus having ties to a person's emotions in an astrological chart.

On the other hand, if the symbology is unique to the

dreamer, wouldn't the interpretation be unique?

For example, a dream I had last night: I was in a paved

area, like a parking lot or road, in the middle of several currently deserted buildings in a setting that might be described as a 'nearly downtown' area of a small town.

A storm of some sort is in the sky: it is localized,

almost like a tornado but it is not touching down (at least not at the time index in the dream).

There are couple of other people but they are vague,

unrecognizable. I run, trying to get away from the storm (or vortex as I keep calling it).

The running is a common element that I have had in many of my dreams since childhood.

The storm aka vortex is something relatively new... it has appeared in a couple recent dreams.

The fact that I identify the storm as a vortex that I have to get away from does not seem to give it any more symbology to me personally, so under these circumstances, do I have to consider some sort of 'classic' interpretation for it?


==== Comment on Art's dream by SubZero====

(see Q&A ED2-9 for dream)

I always liked chasing dreams. I just would like to comment on dreams as if they were my own. I think there is no meaning of a symbol in a dream but 'viewpoints'. The symbols generalize and join different thing. If I tried to find out what the meaning is I would fail. I have done so many times with my dream. In some sense, the dreams are excellent to draw conclusions on what to change in my life. I will discuss this dream in a moment.

To be attracted 'means' or to use a better word implies a living strategy. I try to avoid certain issues in my life. I feel guilty about and in the dream, I represent this as sheriffs. I also do not want to feel guilty

(denial of the problem) which can be figured out from my waking response that I do not think I am criminal. There may be dependency issues here in my life. This issue were present when my mother lived. The fact that she died does not imply that I do not want to be 'mothered' now. I do not like this. I possible do not know how this manifest in my life because I do not recognize my pursuers. I deny something very strongly, it is unconscious. I think therefore it would take time to uncover it. The whole dream looks like an old independency conflict which is reactivated by some CURRENT event.

Looking in the junk shows my effort to solve the problem. Is the right way to things? Looking in the junk may point to misdirected effort. Is it another way to avoid things or to solve it? Probably the mixture of the two. Of course, only the dreamer knows. There are reference to authority problems in the dream. How would that appear in my life? Probably there are people who I do not like because they are above me...They can be excellent to connect to the dream..

Ex-girlfriend might represent a solution out of the problem to get out of the town. Question: how did my ex-girlfriend help me to solve the problem in the past? Can this method be used now? Do I use her help or if I do not why?

It would be good if I decided to know more about my pursuers. Sheer act of will may be enough before going to bed.

So some suggestion:

1. before sleep I say I want to face my pursuers.

2. In the morning, record your dream.. it might show them you more closely...


1. draw them. Draw the dream scene, the pursuers..

2. What are they like? Now where can I see people like that in my life?

3. In what am I like them? (Here you can touch bad feelings in you, especially I do not like the given attributed in yourself...)

4. Now you are more conscious. Wait for the next dream, response

WARNING> This is my personal opinion only. As such it can be a total mistake unfortunately.

======Question From Dan( from ed2-9) ======

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had the same

experiences with the hierarchy of the senses in dreams

... I have found through analyzing my dream material

with a home brew (filemaker) dream database that the

senses are represented in this order: vision, hearing,

touch, balance, taste, smell. Any thoughts?

=====Response to "Question from Dan" (ED 2-9) by Shadow======

I can't say that I have that I have analyzed my dreams in search of a 'hierarchy of the senses'. However, reading Dan's question (Electric Dreams 2-9) I thought of sensory experiences that I have been having for the last year or so. Taste. A year ago I would have said that taste was not a sense that I frequently found in my dreams. This has changed.

I dream of the most delicious foods. Sometimes I dream of cakes, pies, and candies. Other times I find myself dreaming of thick rich stews or hearty main courses. The sense of taste is not only present in these dreams, but is the focal point of my whole being. It is heightened far beyond what might be considered 'normal' in waking-life. In one instance I was able to taste a blueberry muffin by touching it. I have not identified any reason or source for this increase in the sense of taste. Until last week I have simply enjoyed the wonderful dream-tastes when they occurred.

Last week taste became more than just a sensory experience in my dreams. I was dreaming. The events of the dream placed me in a small cafe'. Two pieces of cake were placed before me. I chose one and tried to eat it. I could almost taste it, but as I would lift a bite to my mouth I would salivate so much that I had to put the bite down and wipe my mouth and chin with a napkin. This continued for a few minutes. I became very frustrated because I knew that this cake would be delicious. It was at this point I became lucid thinking, "I know this is a dream because I don't salivate like this when I am awake."

I was pleasantly surprised to find a taste related sensory cue for lucidity! I had tried various cues in the past, but it never occurred to me that I could use the increased appearance of delicious foods as a cue. I cannot help but wonder if others have ever used something like this as a cue for lucidity?

--Shadow (Jshadow876@aol.com)

==== Comments on lucid control by Mr. Nurse ====

On combining incubation/ problem solving and lucid dreaming:

The idea is not unique and I got it from a science fiction novel I read as a boy about a detective that specialized in going into peoples minds and solving problems. He was asked to go into the mind of a man

with mental problems and found himself in a dream world like Edgar Rice Burroughs "John Carter of Mars" books. In the story, he knew that if he died in this man's mind he would die in the real world, also. Finding himself cornered by a man-eating beast, he realized that since this wasn't real he could do anything he wanted and imagined a man-eating beast gun with which to kill the beast. He went on to solve his conundrum, but the incident stayed with me. I don't know how I managed to

do conscious thinking while in a dream, but I did and rationalized the same way as my novel hero. I have done it several times since, but it takes away from the uniqueness of my dreams. I prefer to experience them

without interfering.

Once, while dreaming, I tried to make my dream perform according to my wishes and found it was much like watching a movie that I had already seen. If I could have perfect recall of all the incidents in my dreams, I

could dream and then write it down like a novel of my own. Haven't achieved that yet.

I remember dreaming as a boy and having nightmares about falling. Then one night I was falling when I somehow thought,"This is only a dream. And it's my dream, so...". I spread my arms and started flying. Same thing happened later with a dream about being underwater and no air to breathe. I would wake up panicked and breathing rapidly. Then I remembered my 'it's my dream' trick and next

time, I just took a deep breath of my dream water and spent some fascinating time exploring my underwater world.

Yes, I definitely believe a person can control, or at least steer, his dreams. Control may be too strong a word, but one certainly doesn't have to be at the mercy of his dreams (or the pepperoni pizza he had for a late snack).

Mr. Nurse




Trisha Lamb Feuerstein (dolphintlf@aol.com) is seeking dolphin and whale dreams for a book on the psychological and spiritual significance of cetaceans as evinced in myth, art, dreams, fiction, and human-cetacean








Our Internet address is:


DreamLink was born out of the ashes of a dream group that had been in existence for two years and suddenly stopped without closure but continued with the good intent of rejoining at some later time. The group was an excellent forum for learning, sharing and moving through issues and all involved grew, with their waking and dreaming lives.

>From the void created through the absence of this intentional community of dreamers, came the spark of expanding ourselves and others through service to a larger group. The Internet presented itself as a natural medium for this expression. And so DreamLink was born kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The resistance from ourselves and others has been thicker than the Berlin Wall. "You don't even know these people.", "It will be an exercise in projection", "Waste of time" "All you will get are made up dreams", "Technology and dreams don't mix". Swimming down that stream left us all dry on the banks. So we got a PPP account, bought some books on HTML, BBEdit software and cloistered ourselves for a month or so, until here we are, DreamLink.

This is truly a group approach and the process is ever changing. We have the following groups that work and play with the dreams submitted:

Groups that contribute to DreamLink:

* Newbies Group-Mental Health Counseling students that are beginners at working with dreams and unconscious processes and are getting their feet wet.

* DreamTeam- Dedicated folks that meet once a month to translate dreams submitted.

* Friends of DreamLink- People of the Internet that see a dream that speaks to them and they respond.

* The Stumpers Group- These dreamers get the "no clue" and "huh?" dreams to work that nobody can figure out. We E-mail these dreams out to the Stumpers after all else fails. Richard would fall in this category.

DreamLink contains current information and resources on dream translation techniques and theoretical orientations located in the dream section called (SOURCES) within the DreamLink homepage. This covers theories, techniques (verbal and nonverbal) and is always in the process of evolving through new information submitted by Internet dreamers.

The (JOURNAL) section is provided to post dreams that need feedback. This is where people would click on the Journal button to have your dream interpreted. This feedback is provided by a number of different groups and individuals that work with submitted dreams and is located in the (EXCHANGE) section of DreamLink. You, the dreamer, can also contact the person or group giving feedback from this area to chat or just let them know how you were helped. An (ARCHIVE) is also provided to collect specific types of dreams that people or researchers are interested in. If you have an interest or need in this area let us know. A (GUEST) section features a community dreamer, including a picture of who they are and what they are up to . Know someone that fits this category? Let us know.

Dreamers interested in DreamLink can contact Beck or Linton Hutchinson et al at: hutchib@iag.net


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Yes, its true! Dream Network Journal now has a delightful new web site you can visit - soon. Need backissues, info on dream sharing, updates on special events or just want to order your subscription from the web? You'll be able to find that all at the new site.

URL comming up next issue. For now, remember to change the email address for DNJ and Ossana to: DREAMSKEY@delphi.com

What? Not familiar with this journal? Read on....

DNJ has been a generous supporter of Electric Dream and I'd like for you to know all about them.

_Dream Network, a Quarterly Journal Exploring Dreams &

Myth._ Since 1982, They have been providing encouragement to dreamers, information and networking services, internationally. Each issue contains a section on The Art of Dreamsharing & Dream Education, the Mythic Dimension and articles which respond to Questions posed in the previous issue. The classified section offers

dreams/readers the opportunity to initiate and engage in

research projects and to form or participate in existing dream groups. Sample issue: $5.59/One Year/$22. Also

available, a 44 page booklet, The Art of Dreamsharing &

Developing Dream Groups that would enhance dreamplay on

any Electric Dreams dreamsharing activity: $5 + $1 (P&H). For Information, email to Roberta Ossana's *new* email address DREAMSKEY@delphi.com

or subscribe via VISA, Mastercard, AmEx : 1-800-To-1-DREAM (800-861-3732).




If you have computer or internet dream projects for the

1996 Association for the Study of Dreams Conference, or

are interested in participating either via internet or

directly in Oakland at the Claremont Hotel, please


Richard Wilkerson at <rwilkerson@igc.apc.org>

This project is going to be lots of fun - hope you can join our discussion list.

What, Never heard of ASD!? If you are interested in information on how to join ASD and receive a quarterly journal _Dreaming_ , the quarterly newsletter _ASD Newsletter_ and some cuts on conference rates, just send your request snail mail to:

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New Newsgroup: alt.dreams.castaneda


This is what I got back after posting a request for a review of the newsgroup:

From Clifford Ngranek

A.d.c is a forum for the discussion of topics related to the books and concept s of Carlos Castaneda and his group.

If you want history of a.d.c., the 1st message I saw posted to alt.config calling for its creation was from rjp@nagual.com (bob pietkivitch) on July 1st, 1995. A day later, ad033@lafn.org (John O'Neill) posted a very similar message also calling for the creation of a.d.c. These guys got the ball rolling. Here's their respective email messages:

)Subject: ---Proposal: alt.dreams.castaneda

)Newsgroups: alt.config

)From: rjp@nagual.com (freedom now)

)Date: Sat 01 Jul 95 20:30:50




)I propose that a new newsgroup be created: alt.dreams.castaneda


)For your 'newsgroups' file:

)alt.dreams.castaneda dreaming, stalking, tensegrity, recapitulation.


)This newsgroup would be used to discuss the works of Carlos Castaneda

)and his associates, Carol Tiggs, Florinda Donner, and Taisha Abelar.

)Dreaming, and other Castaneda topics of interest, such as tensegrity,

)recapitulation, and stalking, could also be discussed in this newsgroup.


)If someone would like to send the actual control message to create

)this newsgroup, please contact me or point me to someone who can.


)Intending alt.dreams.castaneda,


)Bob Pietkivitch




)Subject: PROPOSAL: alt.dreams.castaneda

)Newsgroups: alt.config

)From: ad033@lafn.org (John O'Neill)

)Date: Sun, 2 Jul 1995 10:30:21 GMT


)With the demise of the Carlos Castaneda list-server, 250 people have

)been left without a centralized general discussion forum on this topic.

)I would like to propose the creation of an alt.dreams.castaneda newsgroup

)to fill the void. Any help and or advice would be appreciated.


)John O'Neill, ad033@lafn.org

Cordi ally,

Clifford Ngranek


The Mystical Meaning of Dreams By Swami Vimanananda


Greetings, fellow dreamers!

Whether consciously, subconsciously, or Super-consciously, YOU are the creator of your dreams. Thus, no one knows better than YOU what they signify.

This is the first in a series explaining dreams according Kriya Siva Yoga - The Yoga of the Dream State. We will offer some fundamental keys based on ASTROLOGY, and a systematic, experimental method for mapping your own subconscious.

According to Yoga, ALL things are symbolic. The Universe has many layers of 'Reality'. Within the layers are ever-flowing streams of forms and forces, known as SYMBOLS. Although many parallel streams are present, like radio receivers, we are tuned in to a single frequency at a time. Our awareness alternates between the external frequency while we are awake, and internal

ones while we sleep. Unfortunately. we tend to 'black out' during the transitional states: the Hypnagogic zone between waking and sleep, and the Hypnopompic zone between sleep and awakening. Our personality structure limits us even further, filtering our perception while sleeping or awake.

The first step in the understanding process is to see what your 'filter' is normally selecting. Think about the people, events, colors, shapes, places, and moods that you encounter during an average day. What types of things do you experience most frequently? What do they have in common?

What colors and objects do you surround yourself with? What causes strong emotional reactions?

Exercise 1: In the morning, place your awareness from about 1 1/2 feet above your head, and a bit towards the back of the head. Keeping the awareness there, go thru a normal day or week. Try to observe yourself, WITHOUT JUDGING, as interact with the world.

After practicing this a week or two, do you notice any changes in your dreams?


Swami Vimanananda has been working with Dreams, Astrology, and other esoteric Yogic sciences for 20 years (in this incarnation!). She was ordained by Sri Goswami Kriyananda, head of the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Kriya Yoga is 'The Yoga of Action' - actions unique to each individual, designed to remove ignorance, dissolve obstacles, and bring true perception and



Lucid Dreaming and the Wake/Sleep Doorway

by John Mott


Is it dangerous to experiment with lucid dreaming? Is the attempt to have more of these experiences an attempt to tamper with some basic mechanisms which will break if inspected, tumbling us headlong into a madness of non-personhood? Or do the attempts simply use a part of the brain which is normally not used, a benign or even positive thing which can lead to personal growth?

Its been my experience that its possible to overdo attempts to learn lucid dreaming. In particular its possible to try too hard to develop techniques like reality testing or any other auto-suggestive techniques in the hopes of having more lucid dreams. However, these over-exertions are analogous to an overstretched muscle which will heal over time, and learning to stretch properly is as much of the learning process as anything else.

My particular area of study is the transition between waking and sleep. I believe that to learn more about dreams we must start at the front door and learn about the transition to sleep.

My experiences thus far supports this notion, in that I have been able to make observations I could not have made if I had simply become aware while within the dream state. It's also true that this transition is available for inspection at least once a day (when we go to bed) and sometimes more depending on our sleep and work cycles, while the number of times that we actually "aha" into a dream is quite small for most of us and thus restricts the amount of research and play that we can do.

The study of the transition to sleep seems like the "hard way"

(because its so damn hard) but I've learned that there are no shortcuts to the really good things in life. However, I make no claims of exclusivity on anything and what's right for me may not be right for others.

This angle, the study of the transition, is something I came to after having given the other techniques my best shot and having burned out on them. I went through a phase where I used auto-suggestion on a regular basis. I pretty much pounded on myself with suggestive techniques.

While my enthusiasm for this was quite high at first it eventually wore me down because there was not a sense that my efforts were resulting in specific results, just the occasional spot of lucidity. There was no real sense of overall progress. I found that when I abandoned these efforts I felt really good about the fact that I had stopped beating myself over the head.

Even along my chosen direction, however, I have over-done it on a regular basis. My learning in this way seems to have been composed of cycles whose length varied but tended to last a few months. Each of these learning cycles seems to have been one where I try to practice attentiveness to the transition and end up squeezing on it too hard by too much concentration. Inevitably I just get worn out and this manifests itself with a sense of burden about the whole process, all the joy sucked out, and the whole effort becomes just shear drudgery.

The symptoms of overdoing it (for me) can include disorientation at night when awakening, as in not knowing where I am, and occasional audio or visual hallucinations, including things flying in room or crawling up out of my sheets. I'll be honest, sometimes these hallucinations were frightening. However, they all ended quite quickly and in all cases I was in the in-between state, half asleep and half awake and in all cases it was clear what had happened as soon as it was over.

Other symptoms of over-doing it are a feeling of being dragged out or emotionally empty during the day. What crumbs of actual experience come along are not worth the "hangovers" from trying too hard.

My recovery from over doing it involves several stages. First I abandon the whole effort, throw the whole thing out and get lost in the affairs of my daily life. Sleep and dreaming becomes restorative and regenerative again, not the source of effort or the place for adventures. This is actually a sweet time, in the same way that a vacation is sweet after a long time of hard work. I tend to pamper myself and be really good to myself. A natural balance is restored and everything seems right with the world.

Over time that phase passes and I find myself still at a distance from the effort, not ready to start it again but no longer in the bosom of release from trying too hard.

Eventually, and inevitably, my curiosity begins to swell again. Slowly, over more time, I start doing the post-mortem on where I went astray. Although it is a cycle of learning I don't make the same mistakes over and over and I really do learn from previous cycles.

Over time I can reduce what I learn from over-doing it to "quit trying so hard" and over time and through cycles the amount that I do try gets smaller and smaller and I become like a smaller, sharper instrument, moving less but doing more.

Finally I'm fully recovered and I'm then ready to make another effort, a little farther along and a little more knowledgeable about the subtleties involved in the process. I feel fresh again and ready to take on the challenge again. For me this is not something I could stop anymore than a salmon could stop swimming upstream. I'm just wired this way.

Although its frustrating to overdo it and go through all that pain this is all encouraging to me as it indicates a great resilience in our experience and our capabilities. Its possible to bend yourself but not break. Left alone, the natural restorative capabilities of sleep re-present themselves and sleep and dreams once again become safe and comfortable.

So, my experience with danger has been that it is possible to overdo it and that unpleasant things can happen as a result of this but that things will steady and right themselves if left alone. The good news is that I do make progress, I do learn, I do get farther, even though it only seems like a millimeter at a time.

Where I am now my current cycle is a good one because I've now reduced the whole of the effort to a simple and easy stillness, literally the same kind I devote to TV, and mostly just watching, although I try to "stay in" the transitions to sleep as they occur, tiny shifts which bring with them changes as dream stuff begins to emerge. This is the most active it gets, and it is quite subtle. There is more energy in reading a word than there is in some of these activities. The whole thing is so very, very, subtle.

My latest observation, learned from my experiences in the transition, is that what we think of as dreams have what could be called "shape" or a sort of predefined inclination towards certain subject matter.

While it is true that within a lucid dream I've made cars appear or walked through walls or flew within the context of THAT dream I could not really change that much without changing the whole nature of the dream, its whole character, frequently disrupting the whole thing and ending it.

Dreams also seem to have a natural life cycle, a natural time to live before they want to wind down. I see post after post of people wanting to extend the length of the experiences, and my own experiences correlate that dreams want to end and its hard to fight that. Frequently when I'm lucid I can end up feeling like the dream that I was in was spent and had run its course and was no longer any fun.

During the subtleties of transitions dreams present themselves at a pretty early stage, although they aren't dreams in the way that we think of them. They are sort of nodules at first, shapes which have a mental feel about them, occupying a space which is perceived but not seen. In other words, shapes that are felt but for which there is not a specific visual. Understand that this is occurring within the larger context of the whole process and that I'm leaving out other parts of it for purposes of this discussion.

These dream nodules lack story, characters, intent, everything that we associate with a dream. The only thing they have in common is shape or bound. They are fleeting at first, emerging for a few seconds and then disappearing like some fish coming to the surface and then returning underwater. There is no specific action that can be taken to hold them, they must just be observed. As time goes on the transition gets deeper and the nodules become more fleshed out. They occupy more space and become places where action can take place. This action is more of a rambling sort, and at this point my thoughts are enmeshed with dream

thoughts which are springing forth too. The me-ness of me is still quite there but more of my mental activity is being given over to the emerging dream stuff, which now begins to direct where my thought trains go and their content, and do so into the emerging dream shapes.

As this gets stronger, dream characters can appear and mini story lines emerge and begin to interact with me. They are still fleeting, though, and although there are images there is not a visual presentation in the way that we think of. They are images which have the quality of memories in their intensity.

By this time in the process I'm almost totally gone and am pretty much given over to the process as it comes forth. I am dreaming. My own level of me-ness is quite small, and my level of expertise is pretty much at its limits here.

Thus there are sort of two aspects of it, or two ways it is experienced. One is the place where the scenario plays out and the other is the way that our own thoughts become imbued with dream stuff as it emerges. Each gets stronger as we get deeper into sleep and each must be learned. "Learning" for me really means to be comfortable with increasing intensity of emerging dreams, both the place where they occur and in the way that my thoughts, memories, and associations are given over to the dreaming mind with its rules.

Its an effort worthy of a life's study, although its not clear how "practical" it is outside of my newly learned ability to take killer naps without actually falling asleep :-)

John Mott



There's a Tiger on the Train

Dream Poetry by dreampage


On the train home I plan Tiger's safe journey.

Cloth sack over his head to keep away fear...

Comforted in his blindness he sleeps.

Sister's way is to trick him into believing he's still in the jungle

By sword of bush branch and shield of basket

He is not fooled by her, nor she secure from him

Father's way demands tranquilizing instinct...

He would break Tiger's lively spirit

Near death, muscle and fur falls to cruel effort

And my way? I stroke the striped beast to trust me

To counsel and not kill

Requires a like mind

>From freight car to Arcadia place,

I will build you a tunnel of mud and grass

Tiger, sniff the earth, retreat through the dark birth canal.

Tiger and I know something of power.

Together we blend and blow primitive breath

into the flame...and become fire


In Response to Stan's Dream Comic Art Review:

(see Electric Dreams 2#9 article by Stan Kuliskowski II

A dream comic art review)


I'm a professional cartoonist and have been keeping a Journal in comic form for the past year. In fact, it was one of the first things my agent told me I should work on. It seemed hard at first, but even if I just scratched down one image per day, my skills as a cartoonist improved and I become more prolific.

Cartooning is a very demanding art form, I agree, but once you get the hang of it, it comes naturally to you. Learning to produce "Sequential Art" (Comic Art is not the correct term) is like learning to speak a second language. In order to be a successful cartoonist, you have to communicate through pictures first (words come later, sometimes edited to fit the art). Plus, you have to work *fast*--me and my friends receive outrageous assignments--editors are terribly demanding, often requesting 20+ pages in two weeks. The faster and more detailed you are, the more your work is in demand (literally).

Sequential art is not just a profession, it's an obsession!

Sometimes in my daily journal (or sketchbook), I record my dreams. Some of these illustrated dreams end up fleshing out a story idea or get me started on a story--sort of a warm up before I do anything in the day. The illustrated dream sequences are not the best art in the world because they often reflect my drowsiness or laziness at the time--but they do seem to be the most

interesting drawings I have accomplished within my journals. Illustrating dreams are very refreshing and it takes less time to draw them than it would for me to do an actual full-length 48 page story.

I think that the reason why it is so difficult for people to record their

dreams (whether in comic or written form) is that people tend to think too hard on their dreams--that somehow their dreams ought to make some "sense" and too much emphasis is put on the dream and *not* on the "dreaming." Dreams don't make sense and the only sense they make is when we decide to make sense out of them. Dreams do not follow any set rules.

That's why they're so damn interesting!

Dreams are extremely freeing for me as a cartoonist. When working on a regular story, I am limited to a coherent plot or outline--in other words, I *have to* follow the rules. With dreams, there is no true coherent

sequence--images flow onto the paper and I am not bound by an already heavily thought out plot or outline. The only times I've ever had difficulty recording dreams like this was when I concentrated too long on how everything

should look, feel, etc. This isn't necessary!

There are many cartoonists out there who have published dream-related material. Mr. Kulikowski's article barely even tapped the surface! Comic Dreamlogs are not new...in fact, the first cartoonist to record his dreams

in this form was Windsor McKay--the creator of Little Nimo--back in the early 1900's! And cartoonists aren't the only ones to be influenced by dreams...

Remember Salvador Dali? He used to doze off with a glass of water in his hand. Once he fell asleep, his grip on the glass would slip, and he'd awake and paint whatever he last saw in his mind. Anyone who's interested in

this sort of dream experiment should remember it.

When keeping any sort of dreamlog, my advice is draw or write your dream without thinking about it and don't waste too much time recording it. Do your best to try to capture the essence of your dream. Do this immediately after waking. Record only what comes to mind naturally--*in the sequence that you most remember it*

I don't know, maybe I'm an unusual case, but...expressing my dreams (mind you, I did *not* say 'recording' my dreams) has always been easy and enjoyable.

I would be more than happy to hear from any of you out there in dreamland who are presently keeping a dreamlog. How do you express your dreams? Is it easy for you?

Thanks for hearing me out,

--Val, the Dream Shaman


Comic Journal Dream Entries by Val, the Dream Shaman


Dream Note: In response to the Dream Art Review by Stan Kulikowski (ED issue #9), the following dreams are presented in a "sequential/comic book/journal

form" and are subsequently "brief"--for easy analysis. Since I cannot submit the actual artwork (for lack of obvious reasons), the dreams are in semi-scripted form (so, while reading 'em try to imagine them as being part of a comic book).

Dream #1: August 1, 1995 "LampShadeHead"

--Outlined in black, there is a young male figure standing before you. He has an old tattered lamp shade for a head. No face. There is a spotlight on him,

as if he is on stage--infact he *is* on a stage of sorts...the stage of your mind--the Dream Theatre--and is about to make a monologue...of sorts--

LAMPSHADEHEAD: (soft voice) ...many wonder what we really are and why we do what we do... (second panel, closer up) LAMPSHADEHEAD: ...why and how do we become *spirit* guides... (third panel, his hands crossed)

LAMPSHADEHEAD: ...we're ghosts, really. The ghosts of people who have led rather unsavory lives... (fourth panel, hands uncrossed)

LAMPSHADEHEAD: And we pay for what we did or didn't do in life by serving an eternity of community service... (fifth panel, LAMPSHADEHEAD in dead silence, hands to his sides) (sixth panel, LAMPSHADEHEAD more distant)

LAMPSHADEHEAD: ...Yet many fear us. Many think we're demons. Or hallucinations. We're just trying to do our job... (seventh panel, still distant, image of LAMPSHADEHEAD gets fuzzy) LAMPSHADEHEAD: My name is

now LampShadeHead. I killed myself in 1989... (eighth panel, even more distant) LAMPSHADEHEAD: ...gunshot wound to the head. Val, you saw me die.

Now only you are open enough to see me. Thanks for listening. (ninth panel, figure fading) LAMPSHADEHEAD: ...I was once known by the nickname "Cheesy"...And I just

wanted to tell you that I think what you're doing is great... (tenth panel, completely black, figure has gone) LAMPSHADEHEAD: (just his voice remains) ...keep it up.

Dreamer's Note:

I had a friend who shot himself in the head at a party in 1989. It was a suicide. I watched him die. That was six years ago. It has never left my mind. When I dream about him sometimes, he either has no head, is holding his head, or, as in this dream, has a different sort of head altogether. He tells me he is a "guide" to several people and, on numerous occasions has given me

advice. I don't know if it's really him in my dreams. He scares me. But in this dream he put me at ease. I'm a cartoonist and have just landed my first job doing a series of stories for an independent company. It's a great start...perhaps I needed a "psychic" pat on the back(?!)

Another Side Note: August 1 is a holiday for me; Lammas--a pagan holiday in celebration of the harvesting of corn and bread--a feasting day, so to speak.

Dream #2: August 2, 1995 "Sour Reunion"

--first panel opens with me (back turned to audience) looking out at a couple on a park bench--a man with a beard and scruffy black/brown hair with a bimbo-ish blond--the man is smiling and waves at me--

MAN: (happy) Hi, Val! ME: (narration on top margin) I was at a woodland resort somewhere up north.

I walked into an underground room (which actually led me outside) and saw an old friend with a strange woman. (pause)

I was only slightly jealous. I felt afraid and sad... (second panel, close up of man and woman; laughing) MAN: (still smiling) It's been a long time... I've missed you! ME: (narration) He looked thinner and happy...not like he ever was before.

He didn't look mean. I started to love him again. It felt so real!

(third panel, me beside my old friend, I look silly with him, smiling like the blond bimbo--I become the bimbo?) ME: (more narration) Then I notice that the woman (who had previously been blond)...THAT WOMAN WAS ME! I looked...well, terribly dumb and silly.

(fourth panel, I'm a little girl sitting on my old friend's lap) ME: (still more narration) Suddenly I was no longer looking at myself beside him. I was myself beside him and felt uncomfortable. He sat me on

his lap... MAN: (holding me on his lap as if I were his daughter) So, what have you been up to? ME: (looking up to him) Well...I'm a cartoonist now--just like you are--and I went to the Chicago Comicon last July and I got a job! ME: (narration on bottom of panel) ...AND I BECAME A LITTLE GIRL! (fifth panel, big scary close up of my old friend, hands reaching out to me in an invitation to hug)

ME: (narration on top) He reached out to hug me and I was afraid... MAN:

(tearfully happy) I'M SO...SO PROUD OF YOU! ME: (narration on bottom) I jumped away from HIM, knowing that this was only a dream...He started to cry, yet was so happy. I freaked and ran away. The dream soon ended and I felt ashamed of dreaming this dream.

...it was so stupid. (end)

Dreamer's Note:

This "friend" was something of a hero to me long ago, but walked out on me. He was a fellow cartoonist who made it big. We were once great friends. He's no longer so big in the business and I haven't seen him for

over a year. I always looked up to him, now he's gone...and I'm still angry and bitter at him for walking out on me. He was supposed to be my friend...*

I hate this dream.


DREAMS: IN MEMORY OF JERRY GARCIA ======================================================

"If some part of that music is heard in deepest dream, as on some breeze of summer's snatch of golden theme, we'll know you live inside us with love that never parts, our good ol'Jack o'Diamonds become the King of Hearts." Robert Hunter

==== Dream: "Ripples Backstage" by Catherine ====

This is a strange message.

I was prompted to write and send it due to a dream:


Yesterday Jerry Garcia died. I am not a Deadhead, but i grew up in the Bay Area and always liked the way the band played old folk, blues, and country tunes. I also liked some of the songs Robert Hunter wrote for the band that

took off from those traditions and carried the lyrics into deeper spiritual realms.

In my dream i was hanging around in a city (i live in the country) waiting to attend a live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion at a small theater. I was not going to be a performer, but for some reason i was allowed backstage.

Folks were milling around, the audience had not yet arrived, and a green room snack-food spread was available.

A band of 3 youngish (early 30s) folk-country-blues-celtic performers were nervously awaiting their debut on the show and i tried to reassure

them that everything would go just fine. One thing they worried about was if there would be food for them after the show, since they were too nervous to snack beforehand. I told them that if there were no food after the show, i'd cook them something myself.

Then i asked them what they intended to sing, and they said that they wanted to do a gospel harmony song with Garrison Keillor joining in, in honour of Jerry Garcia. I asked which song they planned to perform, and they sang it to me -- a lovely Grateful Dead song which i had never (in waking life)thought of as a "gospel" number, but which actually IS one.

I wished them luck getting Keillor to sing the song along with them and i told them that i'd let him know before the show that i thought it'd make a fine tribute to Jerry Garcia while still maintaining the character of A Prairie Home Companion. Then i woke up.

Keeping the promise i made to these mythical young singers in my dream, i actually e-mailed Garrison Keillor their suggestion for a gospel quartet-like song Grateful Dead song to sing in memory of Jerry Garcia.

The song was "Ripple"

"ripple in the water/when there is no pebble tossed..."

Like i said, it was a dream, and i don't expect anyone to understand why an unknown person would send along an account of a promise made to imaginary people in a dream, but there was true sentiment and heartfelt sincerity in

the dream -- and in the song -- that did not dissipate upon awakening,

so...i pass it on in the spirit i experienced it.


==== Dream: "Numbered Days" by Hammerman ====

On the morning of Jerry abrupt farewell, I couldn't sleep. I knew something happened. 'When I did close my eyes to get to sleep, I kept seeing Jerry with the numbers 8 and 9 around him. My guess is that the 8 stands for the month, and the 9 stands for the day.

==== Dream: "It Must Have Been The Roses" by Sue ====

I have had many dreams the past two nights about Jerry. My favorite is

this one...

It's early Wednesday morning, before dawn. I am, at once, in my body, asleep, and simultaneously observing from above my own body and the surrounding room. The room is awash in rich burgundy, navy and forest colors. There are candles flickering all around.

Then, there is a shift in consciousness. In a split second, I understand that Jerry has died, and that he has left us with a great power to transform. I then look into the candles and they are projecting holograms.

I am particularly drawn to the one that is projecting three dimensional roses! All around me are moving, silent, misty holograms. I realize that our newfound power is connected to these projections, and that the holograms are Jerry's way of continuing to communicate with us.

I like this dream because I believe that there has been a shift in our consciousness and our reality, and that we do have a great, collective power. The Dead changed our lives, but we can continue to transform and grow and create the magic that Jerry and the Dead instilled in us.

==== Dream: "Perfect Role" by jon ====

Here's a dream I had a few years ago when I had just graduated college and started a painful job search:

In the dream, I'm a famous movie star lounging poolside with Ovitz and Spielberg, who are busy discussing my next role. They're very concerned about whom I will play, but I'm calm, because I know it will be a big hit, whatever it is. There are many children playing in the pool, along with members of the Grateful Dead. I dive in, and when I come up for air, a little boy says "Jon, you should play Peter Pan." The idea seems dopey at

first, but as I dive underwater again, and start swimming for the far end of the pool, it seems better and better. I come up again at the end of the pool, and there's Jerry Garcia sitting on the edge. All excited, I tell him "Jerry! I'm going to play Peter Pan!" Jerry looks at me with that knowing, compassionate look that he specialized in and says "You're demented."

==== Dream: "The Energy Circle" by Sierra ====

I had this dream the morning Jerry died:

I'm with 3 others and we are planning an 'energy circle'. We Decide to lie down on the corners of a four way intersection, with our heads towards one another.

==== Dream: "Curtain Call" by Unknown ====

This is a dream retold from a radio show, KFCA 101.9 in LA of a dream a girl had after she had asked her father if she could go to her first show and was told she couldn't:

I go to the show and an onstage with the band, but Jerry is not there. I say "What's going on?" Jerry comes out from behind a curtain and says he's there, but won't be playing anymore.

==== Dream: "Onstage Whispers" by Chip ====

I'm on stage and the band is unsure what to play and can't finish the concert. I whisper to them to play the Beatles song "All You Need is Love" but they don't know the lyrics. Later they need a ride north and I agree to take them in a VW. I kept wondering though why couldn't he finish it?

==== Dream: " Weir in Kentucky" by David Brooks ====

Bob Weir was playing. He went back to Kentucky with an unknown band. Then there is more, like I'm feeling anxious about getting to the show. It reminds me of those dreams I had of going to school and realizing the semester was over and I didn't go to class.

==== Dream: "Out to Sea" by Rob ====

This is a true dream, whether it seems like it or not. For what its worth, I had this dream on Sunday morning, 13 August:

I was walking down an empty, windswept beach, and saw, off in the distance, a man standing just on the edge of the foam. I couldn't make out who it was, although there was something familiar about him. This sense of familiarity grew, as I continued to walk toward him. Finally, I reached him, and I knew I should have recognized him, but his back was toward me, and I still couldn't tell who it was. Suddenly, I smelled pot smoke, and he turned away from the sea, and offered me a hit. It was Jerry Garcia. I said, "I don't do that, anymore." He just looked at me, looked at the joint, and said, "Hell, man, neither do I," and flicked the joint into the

surf. I said, "Jerry, they're saying that your death means the end of the dream," and he just looked at me and shook his head. "The dream ended a long time ago, man." Then he walked into the waves, and began to swim out to sea. I watched him slowly disappear, and wanted to stop him, but the phone rang, and woke me up. I wrote this down, and that's it.





==== Dream: Angel Workshop" by Gail ====

I was in a house made of old antique wood. I was going to give a workshop on Angels (as this is part of my work). My co-worker and I got into a bit of an argument about money regarding the workshop. I turned around and said to him, "well then I'll do it myself," and then walked into another adjoining room. It was also made of antique wood. there were about 8 people in the room. There was this man, tall, slim, with brown hair, wearing casual pants and top, holding a 60's style lamp. I went over to see what the problem was, and as I reached out my left hand, I saw three ringed bumps around my left wrist. It looked like three rings, protruding under my skin. I looked at the lamp, which wasn't producing the intensity of light that it should. Some of the connections to the lamp wasn't working, and there needed to be a complete connection. I looked back at my co-worker, and thought, "Maybe I still need him, until I get this lamp fixed, and my left arm figured out and fixed too." I relinquished myself to my co-worker and agreed that we still needed to work together, although I wasn't too happy about that.

I don't quite understand this dream. The number 3 has been surfacing for the last 2 years, sometimes with the color of neon blue. If anyone can shed 'light' on this, I would be most grateful. thanks. Gail

==== Dream: "Prison Basement" by Shadow =====

July 8,1995

I am observing from an unknown place a man and his daughter walking across a grassy field. The man is carrying a duffle bag. Two Afro-American men come running across the field and steal the bag. It is at this point I learn that the bag is full of money. I am now in a large, old prison. I am a guard, or some other type of staff. I am on a level that is just below ground. There is a call for emergency evacuation of all the prisoners. I assist in supervising the orderly removal of all prisoners from their cells. In order to get outside they must walk up a very wide flight of stairs. Once this is done I stand talking with the warden. He says something about needing to coat the railings for the stairs with some sort of slippery substance to keep 'them' from coming up (I do not know what 'they' are). I volunteer to do this. I am scared of 'them'. Although I do not know exactly what they are I do know that they are very dangerous. Part of the reason I volunteered was because I somehow know that the duffle bag with the money in it is somewhere in the prison. I am now in a sub-level of the basement. It is no more than a crawl space. M, a waking-life male acquaintance, is with me. We are crawling farther away from the steps, which lead up to the basement. I look to my right and see a hole and a pile of sand nearby. "Looks like somebody has been digging around here." I say. I begin to feel claustrophobic and crawl back towards the stairs leading up to the basement. I awake.

This dream was much more tactile than my dreams usually are. As I crawled in the sub-basement I could feel every little stone and pebble against the palms of my hands and my knees.

==== Commentary on : "Prison Basement" by Brenda G. ====

I just LOVE reading dream accounts that have such

logical narrative sequence to them! When I was a

younger person my dreams seemed to be more like

that, but I find them less so as I get older. It

sounds like a great dream, almost movie-like. Is

this a typical type of dream for you?

Putting my dream-envy aside for the moment, I am

quite taken by your mentioning the tactile elements

of the dream. It's gratifying to hear reports like

this. By now it's becoming really clear that elements

other than visual or auditory are important aspects

of dream experiences. As a lucid dreamer, I'm always

interested in the full range of dream possibilities,

insofar as it means that dreaming can be the ultimate

virtual reality across ALL the senses. Touch is

certainly an element of dreams, as studies are

starting to reveal.

As for the dream as an experience, I wonder if you

enjoyed the dream? The reason I ask is, I used to

find that even when my adventure dreams were filled

with danger or intrigue, I sometimes felt enjoyment.

But in other dreams, I felt a kind of fear or sense

of panic more like I would in "real" life.

There is so much detail and you seem so clear on the

sequence, I wonder if you're generally a good dream

recaller? And what cycle of the night was this dream?

One more thing... I'm fascinated by dreams that have

stairways in them. Although I'm not one to think

everything in dreams has deep meaning, I do find that

stairs seem to be a pretty powerful mental symbol for

a lot of people... what does it suggest to you?

Dream on... I wish my dreams had you as a scriptwriter!

Brenda Giguere

==== Commentary on "Prison Basement" by Marian ====

A man and his daughter in a grassy field seems to be a

peaceful image, connected to family relationships. The peacefulness is destroyed by a bad and dangerous element taking away something of personal value to the man. The prison is a place where these bad and dangerous elements

are controlled. You are helping to control them and you are doing it in an orderly fashion. There is something even more dangerous below, you're not quite sure what it is but you will help control it. It is somehow connected to the man's lose of valuables. (What is vitally important to you?) Crawling in a crawl space in the earth, dirt and stones. Crawling is a slow difficult way to move. (Crawling in a tunnel, being born? going back towards childhood memories?) Dirt and stones, the earth, fertility, the dark shadow aspects, forbidden sex, close to death and being buried - a few associations of mine. In any case, you decided to turn away from exploring this any further and go back towards the stairs up.

My thoughts about these dreams are, of course, what the

dream would mean to me if it were my dream. I would love to hear back from the dreamer to know what he makes of his dream and of these interpretations. Thanks, Marian

====Dreams: "Love, Commitment, and Youth" by Shadow ====

July 9, 1995

I am driving in my pick-up truck. S, my mother-in-law, is with me. I stop on the South side of a little town ten miles North of where I live. S and I walk toward this small town to get some snack food. I see, however, that it is too far. I suggest to S that we walk back to the truck, which is already quite a ways back. I begin to cross the road.--

I am in a school/jail/police station. I am sitting in a large waiting area. Beside me sits a blond woman whom I do not know. She talks of love and commitment. I tell her that love and commitment are just a crock. I am attracted to this woman. She is waiting for her boyfriend, who is in with the principal/police chief. When he comes out I think he might start something with me because I am sitting next to 'his girl'. Instead he just seems very anxious to get out of there. He is kind of a jerk about it, which just reenforces my ideas about love and commitment. The woman is at a table signing forms he really should be signing. He certainly is quite a jerk.--

I am in a small room with my father, who is just a little younger than I (mid-twenties). There is also a woman in the room with us (possibly my mother). My father is very muscular. On a coffee table is a blue and pink tie-dyed denim shirt with flowers and other feminine ornamentations on it. I, or my father, or perhaps both of us peel off the ornamentations. My father puts the shirt on, or do I? I look at my father, who is sitting on a couch. He is flexing his muscles. I say to him, "I hope you have some leather, Dad". I am talking about a black leather jacket.--

I am in my parents' old house. I am sitting in a chair and to my left is my father (same seating arrangement as in the last dream). My father's brother, J, is there as well. A woman may have been with us, but I did not notice her specifically. There is sound at the back of the house. My father's other brother, R, comes into the living room. He says that he has worked all day and is ill. He squeezes between my chair and the end of the couch where my father sits. He goes to a small table that is in the corner. I am unsure of what he is doing there. I turn and look at him. He is standing very close to me. He is (like my father in the last dream) about my age. He is wearing a worn baseball cap, a dirty orange T-shirt, and dirty blue jeans. He walks across the room and lies on the other couch.--

We (myself, my father, J, and R) are all drinking lemonade. We each have our own little container, like a miniature pitcher. R and somebody else do not finish theirs. I go back later and drink all the lemonade that is left. I am so thirsty.----

==== Commentary on "Love, Commitment, &..." by Brenda G. ====

Candid Commentary, submitted to the personal attention

of the dreamer

* * * * * * * * * *

What a striking series of dream scenes! I assume these

were experienced sequentially. I'm SO tempted to say

perhaps more than I should ("I'm not a psychologist, but I

play one in Electric Dreams...") One of the first things

that comes to mind is the quote from Shakespeare: "Methinks thou dost protest too much", meaning, of course, that your dream persona seems to have been making much of the idea of love and committment being a "crock"... perhaps too much?

It seems to be the key emotional hook to the rest of the dream. My strong hunch is that you may not be convinced of your dream persona's views, and that this ties in some way with your upbringing, your relationship with your father in particular, and your father's relationship with your mother.

The details, such as removing [feminine] ornamentation from that shirt seem to suggest gender attitude issues having to do with your childhood, perhaps... how does this strike you? It could be interesting to think about, or to keep in mind when looking at some of your other dreams you may experience.

It might be instructive for you to look at the dream in that light, and also from a Gestalt Therapy viewpoint where you look at ALL the other characters as representing aspects of yourself. And what of the fact that this woman had views your dream persona disagreed with, yet you were attracted to her?...

It really is a wonderful dream that, unlike some dreams, does seem to suggest a kind of psychological complexity and perhaps significance. I hope these comments aren't out of line, but the dream does seem to be worth looking at more carefully from your point of view. Only you can really interpret a dream like this.

Happy dreamworking,

Brenda G.

==== Commentary on "Love, Commitment and Youth". by Marian ====

The dreamer is unable to obtain snack food and later drinks lemonade. I see both these foods as sources

of nourishment but not essential. They are more food for

pleasure. The school/ jail/ police station is a place of established authority in our society. Here there is a sense of the woman going along with the necessary forms and requirements for a commitment but the man is anxious and being a jerk, not doing his part. He is anxious to get away from this place of commitment. Depending on the dreamers situation this could reflect an internal struggle or a conflict in his relationship. The next

paragraph in the dream with his father seems to concern

sexual identity.

He and his father seem to be basically the same person,

they are the same age. They are pulling feminine ornaments off a shirt.

The shirt, what one wears, often relates to how you are seen in the world, your role, your identity. He hopes his father has a black leather jacket, a very macho article of clothing. The next paragraph with the uncle seems very similar. I'm not sure of the significance of working all day and feeling ill.

But the uncle is your age, standing very close to you, and his cloths seem significant. In this case I would see the clothing as very ordinary typical mens attire - baseball cap and jeans and a T-shirt.

In the last paragraph every man has his own pitcher of lemonade, his own container of something pleasurable that quenches thirst.

The dreamer is very thirsty, his own container does not seem to be enough and he drinks what is left over. Without going too far out on a limb, the dream seems to be addressing issues concerning relationships and the male role. I remember a previous dream from you about a woman named Rose who was held prisoner (as I recall). I also understood this dream as a dream about sexual identity/roles, in this case feeling like you couldn't let the feminine side out.

==== Dream: "Being Crimson" by Shadow =====

July 23,1995

I am in my heart (I am my heart?) There is blood all around. Yet, there does not seem to be enough going down. I step onto an elevator (artery) that goes down. I am the blood.

==== Commentary on "Being Crimson" by Marian =====

What amazing imagery! I would see the heart as a symbol

for feelings, and blood as life energy. I n the dream there is a sense that there is not enough feelings or life energy going down. Down into the subconscious? Down into sexuality? So you step out onto the elevator and go down. You take care of the situation. You are the life energy, the feelings.

====Lucid Dream: "The Wall" by Stan Kulikowski ii ====

I am flying above some housetops, a suburban neighborhood with a lot trees but some buildings of more commercial nature that stick above the tree tops by a story or two. With my usual flying abilities I have to

concentrate to stay airborne and make swimming motions with my arms and legs when I need to alter course. I never get very high, so I am often adjusting my flight path to avoid things.

Then while making a turn around a roof top, I realize that I must be dreaming this. I keep the effort in mind to keep flying, but I am realizing that this is the long awaited for moment of lucidity. A breakthrough in dreamwork, the state of consciousness to be dreaming and be aware that this is a dream, and the ability to take deliberate control of the circumstances.

The brick wall of one of the taller buildings is coming toward me. At first I start to avoid it as usual, but I decide I will test this lucidity by refusing the turn. I keep the mental effort for lift, but I start to

lose altitude anyway. but my speed is such that I will collide with wall before the ground comes under me. I keep trying the sustain lift but not to turn. I wonder what it will feel like when I hit the wall. My speed is

a little greater than running full out, but less than free falling. It ought to hurt but not break bones.

Then just as I encounter the wall, it dissolves. suddenly where the wall used to be there is now a hallway passage through the building. The interior of this hallway still has exterior features like brickfacing and

even a row of windows. I proceed to pass through the building's passage and once again my efforts at lift take effect so I start to regain altitude as I exit through the far end of the building.

I look back at the building with the strange opening in the middle of it. The hallway is between the second and third stories, so I must have passed through a section of flooring. strange architecture. So this is what lucidity is like. I ought to think of some fun things to experiment with.

Stan Kulikowski ii


==== Commentary on "The Wall" by Bobc ====

The dream mind appears to be telling the dreamer that he need not be so concerned about avoiding obstacles and losing altitude (falling or failing). He will be able to "break through" his problems and "come out" okay.

If the dreamer disagrees with this interpretation, then it is wrong. Only the dreamer knows. Bob

==== Commentary on "New York City-the eternal playground" (ED 2-9) by Shadow =====

I am flying over a city with many tall buildings. This is a place that is established and has grown. I look down and see the twin world trade tower. I have gained a frame of reference. I attain lucidity and exclaim, "My God, I am dreaming." This brings on intense positive feelings. I look down, once again. This time I am more focused. I feel strange as I see both the ancient past, where the city was younger and less mature than it is now, and the future, where many possibilities exist. Why do I see the ancient past and future, but not the present? There is the beginning and end without the middle. An idea comes into my head. Is it mine? Did some external source provide the idea to me? This (ancient past and future?) is an eternal playground for the gods and goddesses. The immortal realm of what was and the open ended adventure of eternity belong to them. Yet, I am flying above them. Perhaps I have achieved a truly objective view point (or I need to?). The gods and goddesses will (always have) protect their domains. This city is the territory of Liberty (freedom). She is fun to be around, but can be a little loud and boisterous at times. (I need/want/desire more freedom somewhere within my life or myself?) Ah, a revelation from the past brings me such overwhelming joy as to cause tears of joy. Is it something I left behind that worked? A buried conflict that can now be resolved (from a place of objectivity)? Perhaps it is larger, from without. A discarded belief system that now 'fits'. I do know (the gods have helped me see) that the past (recent or ancient) and the future are intimately connected. I step into the waking-world with the gift of tears. This feels like a very powerful dream. This is but one of an infinite number of possibilites.

--Shadow (Jshadow876@aol.com)

==== Commentary on "Tidal Wave" (ED 2-9) by Shadow =====

I am on the shore (a boundary) by the ocean (a basic element of life). I look out at the water and see that it is almost dry. There are a lot of boats stuck in the mud. Am I stuck in the mud? Parts of me (which parts?) may be drying up and becoming immobile. The water has gone out very far. How long has this been going on? I look behind me and see a massive tidal wave heading straight for me. One way is drying up and the other is overflowing. I run down a side street (not a main road or route).

This is a way that many people don't go. I kick down the door of a house to find some cover. I know the person within, but I had to/chose to use force to get in. This part of me does not know of the tidal wave (do they know about the receding ocean?). I tell the person about the tidal wave. Nothing happens. Perhaps by talking (venting the overflow) I have taken the power away from the tidal wave. The person in the house is not a close friend. Sometimes I can talk to an acquaintance easier than someone who is too close to the situation.

I am now on the road (path of my journey) talking to a friend of mine (a meeting of allies, a union). The wave and the dry ocean combine so that I must make a difficult trek home. I feel like this is a dream about extremes of life. First the drying ocean and being stuck. Then a tidal wave which creates such excesses as to hinder my journey. Attempts are being made to cope with these (the warning to the person and the talk with a friend). Do I make it home before I awake? I hope so. This one of many possibilities!

--Shadow (Jshadow876@aol.com)

==== Dream: "Fast Food Creature" by Lion ====

I had a strange nightmare the other night. I call it a nightmare as it caused me to wake up in a state of shock.

I walked up to a street-corner burger bar and ordered a burger and fries. The man behind the counter passed the food over. It was a styrofoam carton of fries with what

looked like a rolled up handkerchief on top of it. I assumed that that was a knife & fork but as I walked away I freaked out (and woke up!) as a huge lobster-like claw emerged from the handkerchief and grabbed my arm.

Any ideas????

==== Commentary on "Fast Food Creature" by Val ====

The only thing I can think of is that maybe your body is trying to tell you to lower your fat/cholesterol...or it could be that something you find normally delicious (or edible, such as french fries) could be harmful to you...hmmm.

It *is* rather nightmarish to have your food suddenly attack you! I mean, it's one thing when something just doesn't agree with your system...or your order gets screwed up...but when it ends up trying to grab you back--Whoa!

Good thing it was only a dream.

But, then again, after reviewing this dream some more, I have just realized that it really wasn't the food that attacked you...it could've been the styrofoam carton which you had suspected to be covering the utensils. In any case, the whole business took you by surprise...so I shall return to my previous (first) impression. Something about the "fast food creature"... instead of you eating it, it wants you, it tries to grab at you (and attack),

and this startles you.

Have you been concerned (or unconcerned) about your diet lately or am I just taking this too seriously?

Bon appetite!

--Val, the Dream Shaman

==== Commentary on "Fast Food Creature" by Marton ====

Commentary Marian on "Ginny's angry sister" by Marian

Well, I take this dream as my own though it is difficult for me..

Idea 1.


The dream can point to a conflict in me which has just started in the couple day ago. I should look up what happened to me in the days preceding the dream.

My food attacks me would mean there is something I cannot handle...(to eat something is to digest so in a way to deal with it).

It is a lobster which make me think.. Why not a cat or chicken or some other meat? Lobster is an animal from the sea. Sea is the unconscious, so lobster is a thought, idea or urge coming from the unconscious which attacks me. For me, it would mean that I have to deal with it. I do not have necessarily interpret it. Life can solve it easily.

Lobster attacks me has many implications.

The fact of attack could mean:

1. I avoid taking responsibility for this urge represented by the lobster so I make it turn against me. This can mean that I may have conscience problems with the lobster. Would the lobster have something to do with hurting people? I have had similar dream with knives so I am prejudiced where the lobster has sharp tool..(repressed anger?)

2. This shows up in my life. How do I punish myself as lobster does?

It is important to look at the POSITION where it grabs my hand. What does my hand mean symbolically? Which hand left or right? For me, ability to do something. So the "lobster" actually may prevent you from doing something?

What? I am searching my mind..

The handkerchief.. Where have I seen it before? It can refer to how I am trying repress/ not to look at the "lobster" Also, when it grabs my hand: does it try to cut it off, or just touches me indicating "hey I am here".

Idea 2


For me, eating hamburger means cheap life with no goals. Seeking outer goals, not caring with values inside such as my inner values. My inner values may be very different what I show to the world.

Is it possible that this is an initiation dream from unconscious? The lobster is the messenger saying " hay you lived uninteresting life, it is time to look what is in the ocean where I come from.....

To achieve this, the unconscious would use some violent image...

What else can be done?


1. Close your eyes. Get the mood of the dream back. Recall it and finish the dream. What happens after it grabs my hand? Talks? Kills me? or runs away?

2. or close your eyes. Imagine the dreamscene and communicate. say What do you want? why are you doing this? and then listen...as if it were an independent entity in reality. (if you are scared use helpers, imagine a glasswall between you or anything..)

3. watch for a new feeling in your life, that is your lobster. Have you seen in before in your dream?

==== Commentary Marian on "Ginny's angry sister" by Marian ==== (See ED2-8)

I would see the sister as an aspect of my wife or myself -

angry and carrying extra weight, feeling burdened. Bread is minimal basic nourishment for survival or maybe financial needs.

Expecting wife to be angry, appeasing her by just satisfying her basic (maybe financial) need.

Feeling a little deceitful and guilty, pretending you feel friendlier then you actually do, but worth it to avoid the anger. As it turns out there wasn't the expected anger. As I read this over I wonder if the

sister could be a symbol for the relationship, giving it basic nourishment to keep it from blowing up and attacking.

==== response by jay to richard's comments on my 'ginny's angry sister' dream ====

(Dream: ED2-8 and Comment: ED2-9)

thanks for your helpful comments. yes, i think the fat

crazy angry sister represents fat crazy angry dark mysterious feelings of mine about things unknown to, or unacknowledged by, me.

i think i am trying to get to know her and feed/heal her

through the dream work i am doing these days. i am loosening her bonds slowly and carefully. i do not want to cut her off or avoid her, unattractive and scary though she might seem at first.

it feels good.

==== Commentary on: "Being Crimson" by Val ====

When I first read your dream, I thought of the old cliché of the "heart" being the organ of emotions. In your "Heart" of hearts, it's as if you are safe inside your heart (yourself) surrounded by blood (sort of like a fetus in a womb) but there's "not enough (blood) going down." You are safe inside your heart (yourself) but, as you look around yourself, you see the blood (perhaps a metaphor for love?) outside of yourself, surrounding you. Yet you are not getting enough...this "blood" is not nourishing you--not giving you what you need or want. Everything is "red" around you (red usually means

deep emotion/passion or beef, if it's a bullion cube...) or this "red could mean you have "read" the circumstances surrounding you and your emotional life and you are not satisfied. Perhaps you are too comfortable and there is not enough excitement or spontaneity in your emotional life.

It could also mean that you would rather remain "hidden" in the womb of your heart than attempt to pursue what you want (which could mean leaving the security you have, taking a risk, etc). Or, on a much more positive note,

you could just be a person who is most comfortable with their "inner" self-- content with yourself and who you are. You have said that you are "in my heart, I am my heart (?)..."

You choose which of my conclusions fits you best.

Goodnight, dear Heart;)

--Val, the Dream Shaman

==== Commentary on Lobster Claw Dream by Brenda G. ====

Wow, what a startling image! I guess the main question I feel I should ask is, was the dream merely startling (not that its being startling is no big deal, because it is), OR was it disturbing in a way that suggested it might have an emotional context or meaning to it? I tend to believe dreams can run from the sublime to the ridiculous, from capriciously random to deeply meaningful.

I hesitate to assign meaning to things, especially without knowing you or your idiosyncrasies, etc. If it were my dream, I suppose I would be searching to see if any of its elements meant anything at (first) the most superficial level... something from a movie, perhaps,

or something someone was talking about. Next, maybe you could ponder whether the concept suggests anything to you... something menacing behind something seemingly innocent, perhaps, in your current life situation. Maybe something (someone?) is going to surprise you in a most unpleasant way! Sometimes our nonconscious minds are noticing things that "we" aren't! Then again, maybe it was just an odd little dream...

I'm sending you some lemon and drawn butter-- ;-)

Brenda Giguere

Dream: "Orca Yin-Yang Dream" by Trisha Lamb Feuerstein

December 1993

The following is an account of a dream I had approximately twenty years ago, and it remains the single most vivid and memorable dream I've ever had. I was in graduate school, working full time, in my late twenties, and fairly stressed out at the time.

As the dream began I was driving across a vast expanse of flat land, all of it brown and dusty, in my mustard-colored Toyota Corolla. Off in the far distance I could see what looked like an industrial area, with large buildings, smokestacks, pollution,etc. It all seemed so desolate and lifeless.

As I drove I suddenly found myself alongside a river, on the opposite side from the vast expanse of flat land I had been driving through. Here I drove up an almost vertical slope of dry, dusty, brown land that descended just as steeply beyond the rounded crest.

At the crest of the slope I stopped the car and got out and saw that the river was divided at the crest by a bar of land, just slightly submerged, that ran across the width of the river. The water in the river was crystal clear--a pale aqua blue, like a malamute's eyes.

On the left side of the river, just under the water and right next to the bar, stood a polar bear. He (or she?--I recall that it had a masculine feel, but the gender has never been clear) stood completely motionless, staring at me. It was very disturbing, almost ominous, and seemed to represent everything buried and unexamined in my unconscious.

On the right side of the river, two orcas were atop the water joyously playing toss with a big soft stuffed ball that was covered in a vinyl-like material. The covering was black and white and in the shape of a perfect yin-yang symbol. The beautiful orcas were delighting in tossing this ball back and forth, back and forth between them (from nose to nose). They were in complete balance and harmony--their happiness and utter ease was perfect, nothing could be added--and seeing them gave me extraordinary joy!

Prior to having this dream, I had no conscious connection to polar bears, orcas, or the yin-yang symbol.

==== Dreams: "Ghosts 1: Detection" by Viking ====

In the first dream (which was either a continuation of an earlier dream or part of a dream) I was in a doctor's house (I believe he was an M.D.). The doctor said to come into the kitchen

and see what was going on. When I went in there were chairs floating around.

He said that he believed there were ghosts and that he was setting up a video camera to find out. Later he showed me the video and sure enough there was a group of images of men dressed circa 1860's or so sitting around a table talking.

As we watched the video's of the ghosts talking, the doctor would tell me what they were saying. (there was no audio on the tape, and the doctor had watched the tape enough to know what the ghosts were saying). I then woke up.

What was eventful about the dream was that when I woke up I had the "hair on the back of my neck standing up" chills. You know that odd tingling feeling. It was very spooky, and whenever I thought about the images i kept getting that feeling. I did not know the doctor or any of the ghosts.

==== Dreams: "Ghosts 2: Visitation" by Viking ====

In the second dream i was at a play with my grandmother (who is dead) the play was a Neil Simon starring Alan Alda. As we were watching this show I kept thinking about how they had built the set out along one side of the audience. Some people were commenting on how the set was built and I said that I knew about it because I was a scenic designer, etc.

When the show was over I started going backstage and was going up some stairs when I encountered some union stage hands. I can't remember exactly what happened next, but I seem to get an image that the stage hands would not let me back stage. The significant things in this dream seem to be that I was with my now dead grandmother and that she was heavy, where in real life she was extremely thin due to bulimia. When I was very young she was rather heavy, but for many of her later years she was thin.

So in one night I was visited by the dead twice.

==== Commentary on "Conference Debris" by SubZero ====

It happens time by time that I have 'summarizing dreams'. They conclude certain development processes in me. The structure is the following. The unconscious presents the conflict. Time passes. Closing down. I would look for the 'beginning' of this process to see what has really happened. One thing is clear stage one is over. Question is : in what way, the past problem survives stage 1? What new problems are put forward? The concrete is actually for me is positive. It is hard to break concrete. Some heavy work was done. Strong emotional blocks (made of concrete) were destroyed. However, there are problems.

1. Bossy leader

2 Lesbians

1. Am I forcing things(dream interpretation, or anything) too much? It seems to be unnecessary because the concrete is taken away anyway. Too much attention in the past?

2. Lesbians are safer to approach then women because I do not have to fear that I have to respond sexually as a man. Do I doubt or I have problems with my masculinity? In any way, it does not matter, the relationship with lesbians seems to point the way towards women anyway. I first learn from them on a relation, then I do it myself.. This is true if I have been burnt many times.

I believe this dreams shows a plan by unconscious. It will be interesting to see how the plan is being implemented in the future.

I must remark that the problems above are not foreign to me. This makes my interpretation shaky.

Remember: dream is like a diamond. It has many faces.

==== do it yourself neurosurgery ====

DATE ; 20 JUN 1995 02:10

=( a monday evening, nothing odd happened. i was feeling tired all evening, but it was 23:30 before i went to bed. )=

i am preparing to go away on a european tour in a few

days. before i go i must go to springfield to pick something up, probably a passport or visa or something like that. since it only ten miles to springfield (ohio, not massachusetts) i have agreed to ride a neighbor's horse.

it is a young filly which needs the exercise and the girl who owns her is grateful if i take the time. the filly needs to experience other riders than the girl and i am good enough with horses to keep control if she gets too headstrong.

i walk out to the farm, but the girl is not there. i go out in the pasture and call the horse. i call several times but the filly won't come. i walk over a small ridge in the field and find the young horse lying down on the other side. with some coaxing and pulling on its halter i get it to stand and walk back to the barn.

once inside the barn i tie the halter off to a post and get the grooming brushes. there is a some dried caked mud in the horse's coat so i work with a curry brush to clean it out. while i do this an older horse in a stall keeps reaching out with its muzzle to push the rump of the filly.

now the horse's owner returns in a small pickup truck. she waves and comes inside. she appears to be 17 or 18 years old, and i know her to be the sister of a friend of mine. i keep brushing the young horse. she comes over to the other side and inspects a large clump of mud on the side i have not gotten to. as she picks at it, a large seam opens beneath the mud clot and about a quart of red blood flows out in a gush.

"oh god," she moans, "it is a blood spasm. why didn't

you know about this?" she asks me.

"i remember reading something about those on the internet recently." for some reason i was reading an equestrian interest group. "there are maybe six different reasons for large blood losses through skin lesions, but the remedy is to feed the animal about 3 tablespoons of human blood. the cloting factors are supposed to clean up the problem with intermittent blood losses."

it is obvious that the horse should not be saddled and ridden today. so we let her go in the pasture. since i must walk back now, there will not be enough time for me to return home and get a car and still get to springfield for my appointment. i go inside the farm house with the young girl and say hello to her parents before i leave. as i am walking past the field, the filly is whinnying and racing back and forth, kicking up its heels. it seems to feel much better after the blood spasm.

i walk and walk, eventually arriving at the connecticut river and i cross the bridge into northampton, massachusetts. i am wondering where i will get a small amount of human blood for the horse remedy. i stop in

the bookstore run by the women's collective. i purchase a thick book called _the encyclopedia of knowledge_ dated in the early 19th century. it is filled with lots of nice woodprints and drawings, too old for photographs.

i stop by the house of andy and his wife. i show her a little of the book i am looking through and tell her of the bookshop where i bought it. i explain that i need to get a little human blood for the horse.

"why stan," says andy "i was going to cut out a small

brain tumor i have. you can get all the blood you need when i do that. indeed, i would damn well appreciate the assistance. my wife is no good at these sort of


i agree to help and we make arrangements to meet over at robby and rachel's house. i know rachel won't mind a little mess and i have been meaning to introduce her to andy anyway. i think she and andy's wife will like each other, having similar interests in writing.

when i get to rachel's house, she is busy in the kitchen, so i sit down in the living room and read some more in the encyclopedia. there is a picture of alexander graham bell trepanning the skull of his nephew. i suppose i should read about the procedure for home brain surgery so i can help andy when he comes.

andy arrives and i introduce him to rachel as she comes out of the kitchen. she is a little skeptical about having the operation in her home, but i show her old alexander in the book proping his relative up in the kitchen. so she agrees.

andy comes over and hands me a hammer and three nails

about three inches long. he puts a tripod rack on his head and tells me to sink the nails into his skull so they go down into the bone without poking into the brain. i put the first nail into a slot on the bottom of one of the tripod legs that is centered on his forehead. that nail goes in with three or four strikes of the hammer, only the first being difficult. i figure that is because it entered his sinuses near his nose after the second hit. but the two in back are really difficult to get in, i have to pound really hard with the hammer about a eight or nine times each. but the tripod is now mounted on andy's skull very firmly. he seems pleased and walks around wearing the thing upright like a top hat.

i guess it is time now to collect some blood. andy comes over to small end table and places his head upon it. it sits there securely because the tripod stabilizes the head from any incidental motion. i guess that is its purpose in the brain surgery. a small amount of blood and saliva are starting to flow from andy's mouth which i catch with a medical vial. when it fills up, i have enough for the horse cure.

but andy seems concerned that the blood flow is not

enough, so he retches deeply and tries to cough up a larger volume. at first a large clot comes out and then the flow increases. i have nothing large enough to catch it all now so it flows over my hands and onto the floor. damn, i did not recall reading about this in the book. rachel comes in quickly with a large pan from the kitchen.

robby comes home now from the university. he asks what we are doing and i introduce him to andy. andy is not saying much. he smiles and shakes hands, but when he raises his head the blood stops flowing. probably clotting again in his throat. he is smiling and wanders around the room.

i take robby over to the encyclopedia but when i turn the pages i can not find the instructions with the alexander bell procedure for home brain operations. i turn through the proper area of the book twice. it should be toward the back, maybe 30 pages from the end. andy keeps bumping into things, smiling and drooling a little. finally he lays down on the floor and slides his head under the baby grand piano, out of sight. good, i think, that will keep him from bumping into things while i find the instructions. i want to check on why the blood flow was more than i expected and review the skull sawing part. i am expecting to remove a one inch square portion of the skull just over the tumor which can be replaced after the tumor is cut out.

but the encyclopedia has changed shape. it is now maybe two feet long and the pages will not turn cleanly. they fold over in the middle so several come with the one i turn. this makes searching very difficult since the pages flop over in the middle and they are difficult to separate.

after a little while of this, i notice that andy has been quiet for some time. i go over to the piano and shake his pants leg. i still cannot see what he has been doing under there.

when he gets up, he smiles and bends over to show me his head. somehow he has bored a clean hole the size of a pint jar through the top of his skull. he has scooped out a most of his brain's cortex rather cleanly so i can see a little ring structure down near the base of the hemispheres. in the middle of his ring is a small red tumor, pulsing slightly. the tripod is gone, but around the edges of the large skull opening is a small clear plastic shield, attached with small brass screws every inch. i think he expects me to cut out the tumor now that he has exposed it.

andy looks at me and smiles again, "i did it." his voice a whisper, a little drool runs from the edge of his lip.

oh no, i think. andy, how could you do this? with most of his brain gone he won't be able to talk very much if at all. my friend will be little more than an idiot if he manages to survive at all. the plastic does not even close over the opening, so flies and dirt will get in. i begin to think i ought to take him to a hospital now, but i know there is nothing they could do for the missing brain tissue. under the piano i see an odd saw blade in the shape of the circle and a tablespoon with some brains laying beside it. i am feeling really upset that andy has scooped his brains out like this.

change of scene: out in the country side a large hairy purple creature is striding across the fields toward town. i believe this is cousin it from the addam's family, but all grown up seven feet tall. it is muttering to itself. soon a werewolf joins it, then a zombie or two. soon a whole swarm of halloween things are gathering. they separate as andy's wife walks through the lane separated for her passage. they seem to revere her presence.

"we don't trust what those city folk are doing to andy," says cousin it. "they won't let him fix himself so he can be like one of us. they will try all their science medicine to make him look and act normal. he should not have gone into town with that guy. we don't trust them."

"well, we shall see what they are doing with my husband," says andy's wife. she starts walking toward town with all the creatures walking or hopping or crawling beside her.

=( i wake up here 01:51. i am wide awake but real upset

with the feelings of shock and worry about andy's brain. a couple weeks ago andy was in a bad car accident. a dump truck lost its brakes and crushed his car, but he escaped with only minor scraps and bumps. he showed me pictures of his car wrecked. this happened on a friday when i would normally be riding with him for lunch. but i had stayed at the university for a staff picnic, so i missed the car accident. would have been killed if i had been there as the dump truck mashed the passenger side, splitting the car open around andy in the drivers seat. )=

==== Another comment on "lemur dream" by Art ====

(see ED2-9)

. . . From someone just getting involved in the dream

symbology . . .

The lemur could be either the inner "true" part of yourself (Freudian subconscious) represented as an animal. YOU are hungry, YOU have a need and

you know what it is you want. Do the chicks represent

anything to you? In any case, you chose not to meet this need (in your dream).

Now you started a chain of events in place, the end result was the death of a certain part of YOU because of your psychological dirty laundry.

Then again, the american indians talk of 'guides'

(correct me if I am wrong) and because you did not do what was necessary in the situation you offended your 'guide.' (more like freudian super ego here).

Sounds like you need to 'air' this dirty laundry and get it out because in either case it is that which causes the downfall of that which you subconsciously need to do so bad it's about to kill a part of you.

==== Commentary on "Love, Commitment and Youth". by Marian ====

The dreamer is unable to obtain snack food and later drinks lemonade. I see both these foods as sources

of nourishment but not essential. They are more food for

pleasure. The school/ jail/ police station is a place of established authority in our society. Here there is a sense of the woman going along with the necessary forms and requirements for a commitment but the man is anxious and being a jerk, not doing his part. He is anxious to get away from this place of commitment. Depending on the dreamers situation this could reflect an internal struggle or a conflict in his relationship. The next

paragraph in the dream with his father seems to concern

sexual identity.

He and his father seem to be basically the same person,

they are the same age. They are pulling feminine ornaments off a shirt.

The shirt, what one wears, often relates to how you are seen in the world, your role, your identity. He hopes his father has a black leather jacket, a very macho article of clothing. The next paragraph with the uncle seems very similar. I'm not sure of the significance of working all day and feeling ill.

But the uncle is your age, standing very close to you, and his cloths seem significant. In this case I would see the clothing as very ordinary typical mens attire - baseball cap and jeans and a T-shirt.

In the last paragraph every man has his own pitcher of lemonade, his own container of something pleasurable that quenches thirst.

The dreamer is very thirsty, his own container does not seem to be enough and he drinks what is left over. Without going too far out on a limb, the dream seems to be addressing issues concerning relationships and the male role. I remember a previous dream from you about a woman named Rose who was held prisoner (as I recall). I also understood this dream as a dream about sexual identity/roles, in this case feeling like you couldn't let the feminine side out.

==== Dream Fragments: "A Night By the Pool" by Simone ====

Here's a fragment of a dream I had on the night of 16-7-95:

I was in a garden that was almost jungle like, and quite

dark (I'm not sure if it was night or just dark because of all the plants surrounding me). I remember looking around me and seeing thick dark green vegetation. In the

garden was a small heated pool about Spa size, and I

decided to have a swim in it. Whilst I was in the pool there was a cat swimming in there with me. The cat was a light-medium colour, perhaps a grey sort of tabby, and had a fairly short haired coat. However the cat didn't look like a drowned rat, it still looked rather dry and I could pat it and it felt dry to touch. I stared in

wonder at this swimming cat, realizing that there must be something special about seeing it.


==== Commentary on "New York City -- playground of the gods".. by Flare ====


I had a very similar dream to this a few years back. I

dreamed that I was flying over a city( it was unidentifiable) and I knew that this was a place where I could find the God of my spiritual life. I was so overwhelmed with joy in the dream because I knew that I was home with my Father and that I would always be happy in a place like this one.

What this dream expressed to me, and perhaps what your

dream is expressing to you, is some kind of "wish-fulfillment"; the end of a long journey, coming home to live in the playground of the gods and be forever

happy. What is your life-long dream? Who is the "god" you are serving right now. Is this "god" here in the city? If you were to continue dreaming, would you eventually meet the "god" of you life?

Perhaps there is a "god" you believe in that rules your life and you are looking forward to the day when you meet him/ her at the end of your life's journey.

Alternative-- this dream could also signify something that you are in the process of achieving. You are so close to finishing this task and you can sense the reward that you will be receiving upon completion of your mission; you get to spend time in the playground of

the gods. Could this "playground" mean some time off where you get to "play" for a while? Could mean that you are thinking about taking some time off to go to your own "playground"... hmm.. vacation time is definitely something to consider.


==== The DREAM1 : NIGHTMARE or Submarine by Mango ====

I am deep under the ocean. The ocean is dark blue and COLD. I am trying to swim up to the surface but before getting there I DIE. I am naked totally, not much protection against cold water. The problem is that

I am suffocated.

In my dream, I do not like this ending and I see other guy swimming up and reaching the surface.I know that the other guy is also me.

I have the annoying feeling that I am 'split'.

I am nervous and scared because there is a secret weapon close to me, a submarine which can be used against me.

==== Dream2 : "I almost die... " by Mango ====

I am lying on the bed(which is my real bad as well). My

stomach faces the bad. I am awake. Suddenly, I feel that I am electrocuted, I feel I am paralysed and very scared. What happened is that the reading lamp's wire touched the bed, I know it.

I am very scared , and no help comes but I realize I can

move sideways. I rolls off the bed, I am safe. I start to yell very loudly.

My yell is horse's voice. It is like when a horse is frightened.

Information: when I was 3 year old, I almost died due to an electric shock.

==== The Dream3 : "I die this time" by Mango

I am in my parents bed. I am smoking not caring about

anything. (I do not smoke in my real life.) I sit at my father's side. The cigarette disappears.

I seemingly forget about it or I think I have already

disposed it.

Suddenly, I see that the bed is in fire.I run into the

bathroom for a glass of water, and I run back to water the fire. I do it couple of times. To my surprise, the fire does not spread as fast as I would expect it. It is

extinguished.I go in the living room, relaxed. In the next moment, I see a lot of smoke coming out of the room nearby my parent's room. I try to dial 214 which is a practical driver's phone number but I lose my consciousness and I die.

[I realized in reality that 214 is not the driver's phone number who lives close but of another person who is not at home, but in the dream I was sure that I tried to dial the right number]

Somebody help me! I had a totally stumper of a dream!

==== DREAM: "THE JUNGLE ENCOUNTER!" by Flare ====

I am walking down a narrow path in the jungle. It is

steamy hot, but I am wearing a black trench coat and a black hat over my regular clothing.

I am not alone.

Someone is there. Someone who is definitely not a friend. I can sense that the presence is male, but I can't be sure where the person( or thing) is. It seems to be hiding in the jungle where I can neither see or

hear it. There are many jungle sounds that surround me. I can hear monkeys, leaves rustling in a jungle wind, and somewhere far off, a wolf cries.

It is getting near dark and I know that I must find my way out of this jungle. I am sure that the other presence is going to find me when it gets dark. The sun continues to sink and I begin to feel the other presence getting close to where I am, although I still cannot hear or see him. The wolf cries again. It too is getting closer to where I am.

The sun sinks out of the sky, leaving me in total darkness. I am really scared, now. I know that this other presence is right next to me in the woods. I also know that I cannot run from him anymore. I feel like a

trapped animal, and that makes me angrier than I am scared.

I stand up(I had fallen to the ground), and pull the trench coat tighter around me.

As I do, the trenchcoat hardens into another material,

obviously more protective than the original coat. The hat creeps around my face and turns into a helmet of some kind. I can't help but feel like I am wearing medieval armor. I reach down to my right side with my left hand

and find what I expected to find there, a sword in a black sheath.

The other presence is right on top of me when I yank the

sword from the sheath. There is a metallic ringing as the shiny, metal blade comes into the open. By this time, there is a moon. I can see the other person for

the first time.

I can't really call what I saw a person. It was a half

man, half beast animal. He seems familiar and I wonder where I have faced him before.

He walks on two legs like a man, he sounds like a man, but he is covered in red hair, like a beast.

As he lunges towards me, I strike at him with the blade. A shower of sparks. The beast backs away, howling, but he still does not leave. The wolf's cry comes again, this time from right beside me. The wolf leaps into the opening and lunges at the creature. As the wolf attacks, so do I and the creature retreats into the night, howling and cursing as he goes.

I look down at the wolf, and as I try to pet her, she tries to bite me.

Her eyes are dark and unsubmissive as she backs off into the jungle, and I am alone again. As I slowly relax, the armor dissolves and once again I find myself in the black trench coat and hat. I walk away on the path that leads out of the jungle, headed in the direction of the moon when I wake.


-Editors comment: Haven't I seen this trench coat before somewhere? -R

==== Dream "The Apollo Dolphin" by Corydon ====

I was standing in Acacia Park and I remembered that I could fly. As I was rising off of the round I saw Bill W. standing on the ground and I was thinking I can fly but I don't thing Bill can. As I was up above the tree tops, I saw bill start to fly up towards me. I continued flying but I was alone. I was flying over a vast expanse of water and realized that I was in Florida. I was aware that the landscape was very flat and the water was very smooth without a ripple. I noticed the vegetation and that it differed from the vegetation in California. I noticed a cherry tree in full bloom and thought that it must be Spring. I continued flying over the water and noticed houses built along the edge. They all had docks that went out into the water and at the end were king-sized beds that had beautiful canopies over them. The duvet covers were colorful like the patterns and colors often used in hot air balloons or spinnaker sails. I remember noticing that the covers gently touched the surface of the water but showed no sign of being wet. I found this to be interesting and very odd. Then I was flying close to the surface of the water. I flew towards the dolphin and I knew that it was going to be a head on collision. We hit head on and the dolphin smashed into my brow chakra. I woke up in a bliss state.




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Due to a tragic fire this month that has destroyed his San Francisco based home, Fred Olsen is moving the Dream House to Oregon. Fred Olsen has been serving the dream

community in countless ways and has been developing Dream Reentry Healing for over twenty years. Fred is also developing exciting new internet interfaces using

dream imagery.

If you would like to contribute to the new programs and help out in this disaster, send donations to Oregon Dream House, %Richard Wilkerson, PO BOX 866, Novato ,

CA 94948

(Source: Richard Wilkerson/ Fred Olsen)



"Therapeutic Imagery and Visualization"

San Rafael, California

August 19th, 1995

This workshop will introduce the primary principles and practical application of imagery, and easily accessible therapeutic tool for self healing. Dream Reentry

Healing, a powerful effective system of imagery, will be presented. Dream Reentry Healing is a process by which one may access the inner images of the body-mind,

tracking the imagery to the core of an issue, conflict or black and facilitate transformation and healing at it's source.

Cost: $85.00 : Lunch provided

(may inquire about scholarships)

7 CEU's. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

Provider Number 11008

Location: Dominican College, Room 113, Guzman Hall, 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael, CA

Information: (415) 383-5076

Or Mail registration to : Frontiers in Nursing Education, 435 Rose Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

(Source: Fred Olsen and Frontiers in Nursing Education flyer)




======= ASD 13 in Oakland, California ========

The next ASD International Conference will be July 9-14 , 1996 at the Claremont in Oakland, California.

===== Deadline for Submissions for the conference is December 15, 1995. =====

(source: ASD Newsletter, 12(2), Spring)



A Gathering for Exploring Our Dreams Amidst the Charm &

Tranquility of Asklepia Wilderness Retreat near Grants

Pass and Wilderville, OR, USA.

September 17-23, 1995

A Special week-long Event utilizing "Emergent Design"

Sufficient structure(s), speakers, resource persons

will be scheduled; ultimately, we will heal, co-create

and offer support to one another!

Offer to share your special expertise & experience via

facilitating a group; we will have a full week for

dreamsharing & sharing information and visions for the

future of the Field of Dreams.

Approximate Costs:

Deposit of $200 by June 30, Cost $425

Pilgrimage to Aesculapia Wilderness Retreat will be the

responsibility of each participant.

15 work-scholarships available.

For More Information:

1. DNJ WEB SITE: http://www.medio.net/nwnews/affiliates/dream_net/

2. See DREAM NETWORK JOURNAL 14(1&2), pp. 67-68

3. Write Dream Network for more detailed information

% PO Box 1026, Moab, UT 84532 ph:801.259.5936

(Source: Dream Network Journal vol 14 #1&2)



A 3-day workshop exploring ancient energy-gathering movements taught to Carlos Castaneda by don Juan Matus and his lineage.

August 25, 26 & 27

Radisson Resort Scottsdale, Arizona

Workshop Fee $300.00

For information, tickets and registration, call Liz Dawn at Mishka Productions:

(602) 970-8543

This workshop will be in the charge of the chacmools: Kylie Lundahl, Nyei Murez and Reni Murez, who are Carlos Castaneda's closest associations and the ones who have compiled the movements of Tensegrity into a single unit.

Other colleagues of Carlos Castaneda: Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and /or Carol Tiggs, will be present to lecture and answer questions.

(Source: Liz Dawn at Mishka Productions)



A Guided Encounter with Personal Myth

Friday, October 27th to Monday, November 6th, 1995

Part of the Archetypes and Healing workshops, this one will be held at the Recinto "La Soledad" and are inspired by the Asklepian healing centers of ancient Greece,

where rituals involving purifications, invocations and work with dreams, served for hundreds of years to awaken healing in countless individuals. Four Jungian analysts, from Brazil, Germany and the US join a Jungian Psychotherapist from Mexico and Native Zapotec healers from the Oaxaca Valley, to offer the workshop.

Presenters :Marcos Callia, Sven Doehner, Johannes Drummer, Nancy Dougherty, Jacqueline West

Sponsored by the "Asociacion en Mexico para Estudios en Psicologia Profunda"

Address: Archetypes and Healing Workshop Series

Kepler #46, casi esq. con Gutenberg

Mexico, D. F., 11590, MEXICO

Fax: (525) 515-5519

(Source: Novato Center for Dreams)



With Ken Kelzer

November 4th, Saturday

9:30 AM -4:30 PM


Kentfield Campus Harlin Center

College of Marin

Course # 8194

Mail check, money order or Visa *5* days before class to:

Community Education and Services Registration

College of Marin

Kentfield, CA 94904

(Source: Novato Center for Dreams)




Michael Adams is completing a book _The Multicultural

Imagination: "Race," Color and the Unconscious_ which

will be published by Routledge in 1996.

The book will include a section on what he is calling

"color-change" dreams (which he presented at the 1993

ASD conference in Santa Fe as "Racial Identity Dreams".

M. Adams is now asking that anyone willing to share

dreams where they have color-change. These dreams need

to be sent with permission to publish as they might be

included in his book.

"I would appreciate receiving from you dreams in which

the dreamer or any other figure in the dream changes

color or 'race.' I would also be grateful for any

associations or interpretations that you would be

willing to share. I would also need to know the 'race'

(or ethnicity), age and sex of the dreamer. Please let

me know if you would like to be acknowledged and

credited by name in the book or if you would prefer to

remain anonymous." Michael Vannoy Adams

Please send all dreams through email


(Source: Michael Vannoy Adams)



The Alexandria Project

For The Donation & Preservation Of Dream Resources



The Alexandria Project is named after the famous library in Egypt (founded ca. 300 B.C.) which stored the collective wisdom of the Hellanistic world. At this point in history, there has been a resurgence of dream materials from a broad spectrum of sources. Today we can gather a wide variety of information and knowledge on the subject of dreams. Due to modern technology, we have an unparalleled opportunity and responsibility to keep these materials available for the present and safe for the future. The long-term goal for this collection is to use electronic means to scan, duplicate and access these materials.

The fact is that the dream resources of our age are

vanishing due to the lack of a central collection point.

Dreamers and dreamworkers are producing and collecting dream materials which have no place to go where people who care about dreams can access them now and in the future. The Alexandria Project is the remedy to that situation.

Specifically what is needed now?

This month is Comic Book month! Any comics that include dreams or are inspired by dreams or evelved from dream may be included.

How can I donate?

Send materials to Jill Gregory, Director of the Dream

Library & Archive, Novato Center For Dreams, PO Box 866 Novato CA 94948 / (415) 897-7955 or Linda Lane Magallón,

1083 Harvest Meadow Court, San José, CA 95126 / (408) 266- 5397. For donations by electronic means, e-mail Richard Wilkerson at <rwilkerson@igc.apc.org>

To volunteer for the project, please contact Jill Gregory. Available for volunteers are further information on this project, a wish list of materials desired and a current list of holdings. Join us in collecting and preserving our dream gifts and wisdom for all of us ... now and for the future!







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