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Join the Electric Dreams Dream Sharing Community and Information Revolution:

Be an Electric Dreamer!

Electric Dreams continues to offer a wide variety of free dreamsharing venues and this means we log a lot of online time. It is fun and we do this because we love it! But sometimes we can't keep up with all the networking tasks and then the quality is diminished in our programs.

And not everyone has the time to be a staff member (though if you *do* have the time and desire, drop me a line!).

And so we would like to ask for ELECTRIC DREAMERS - volunteers who can give just a few minutes every week or even once a month. Here are some of the ED areas that Electric Dreamers might help in:

- Co-Moderate a dream group.
- Start a column on ED about your favorite topic in dreams.
- Post a few dreams to a few Newsgroups or Mail lists.
- Post an ad regularly to a Newsgroup you will "sponsor".
- Post an ad to a mail list you will "sponsor".
- Post an ad to a SIG at your commercial online carrier.
- Surf the net for new dream web sites.
- Surf Educational college sites for dream bibliographies
- Send in addresses of magazine departments that might like to carry a story about dream sharing in cyberspace
- Send in local resources on dreams - groups, schools, lectures, library resources, newsletters and new age papers.
- Check you Yellow Pages for schools and ask what programs or classes on dreams and dreaming dreams are available.
- Many other projects available!

Be and Electric Dreamer, sign up today...

Note: If you have offered your time before and I haven't gotten back to you, it is only because I've lost your request. Please resend!!


Contact Richard Wilkerson rcwilk@dreamgate.com