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DreamLife, July 1997 Good Humor
DreamLife, June 1997 Books
DreamLife, May 1997 Bones
DreamLife, April 1997 Crying
DreamLife, March 1997 Refrigerator
DreamLife, February 1997 Snow/Adhesives
DreamLife, January 1997 Projection
DreamLife, December 1996 Fire
DreamLife, November 1996 Suitcase

Introduction to column

It seems to me that I experience two forces at work, in myself and life, and I wonder if you have noticed this too? -- an expansive movement forward toward the new, toward growth and wholeness, and a constricting pull bacckwards towards habitiual limitations.

What we're used to we equate with "right" and good and safe, and even if we have a taste of something better, a part of us says, 'stop! danger!' and we run for cover into the old familiar habits. Anyone who has tried to stop smoking, ect, knows that, and it is equally true of subtler addictions, not to substances, but to attitudes and behaviors.

I believe that dreams offer us potent images and experiences of these two forces at work within us. I've had some horrific dreams that made it hard for me to see them as the gifts I believe dreams are, until I recognized them as warnings and reminders.

And other dreams that encourge me, that bring healing and help me to get used to the new more positive frame of mind, so that it becomes familiar and eventually habitual.

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