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Richard Catlett Wilkerson 
 Dream sharing on the Internet began as a grass roots movement and shares in the early Net's ethics of peer and partner relationships. Still, we like to tell stories about ourselves and know who are neighbors are and keep track of the kids. And so it is in this spirit that the Cyber-Dreaming History Pages have been put up. Like all Net texts, it will be ever changing and evolving.  

If you have comments but don't want to put up a link, you can use the Electric Dreams Message Board , look under the topic History of Dream Sharing in CyberSpace thread, or create you own.  

  • If your site has been left out of this history, it was not intentional and as mentioned, you can correct this by sending me what you would like to see up, see added or even make a case to have something removed. 
  • Thanks to the hundreds of Creative Dreamers who are creating the Online Dream Network for the 21st Century!  
    Richard Wilkerson 
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