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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

Common Dreams
and Dreamwork

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Being Chased in a dream

Teeth Falling Out

Falling and Dying

Examination & Test Dreams

Naked in Public

Sex in Dreams

Mechanical Things Don’t Work

Can’t Find the Bathroom

Excrement and Defecation Dreams

Dreams in Black and White

Unfaithful Lover

Abandoning the Baby

Dreams Predicting the Future

Unable to flee or diminished capacities

Animal Dreams

Floods and Natural Disasters

Faceless Lovers

Murder Dreams

Suicide in Dreams

Flying Dreams

Losing things, burglary, robbery

Destruction of houses and other possessions

New Rooms, Houses, places

Meeting Famous People

Drowning, quicksand and mud


Books on how to Interpret your Dreams.

Ethical Standards in Dreamwork

You are the final authority on the meaning of your dreams!

There are no clear scientific answers about the meaning of your dreams. Different groups give different meaning to dreams. This doesn’t mean that dreams don’t have meaning. Just like when I walk down a street and open an umbrella, it means different things. Sometimes it means I think its going to rain. Sometimes I want to keep the sun off my face, and other times I just want to play. In other words, the context will give different meanings to a scene. The same is true for dreams. If you are seeing a therapist and tell them a dream about a flower you found on your doorway, this may have a very different meaning than if you were telling your lover this dream. However, the therapists interprets your dream, they will eventually want you to learn to interpret them yourself. Perhaps with you lover, you will learn to interpret dreams together. Either way, you are the final authority on the meaning and value of your dreams.

However, most of us can’t resist finding out what other people are dreaming about and the meanings that they give to their dreams. The information in this document covers dreams that many people have and tell, and some of the common approaches that dreamworkers use to allow you to give them personal meaning.

The word "dreamworker" here is used to mean anyone who works and plays with dreams. Some dreamworkers are psychotherapists, others are artist who allow dreams to inspire their creations. But most dreamworkers are people who explore dreams to better understand the meaning and value of their lives. I will be drawing on all these uses of the word, though the last is perhaps the most relevant.

Easy Submit form [Dreams discussed by dream-flow list and published on Electric Dreams]

E-mail Dreams for discussion and publication

Information on Joining the dream-flow dream sharing discussion list

Information on Joining an in depth dream groups [DreamWheels]

News about the latest Dream Events in Cyberspace

Other groups involved in online dream sharing

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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

Send in your dream

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Enter your dream here for publication in the Electric Dreams E-zine.  

Dream Title and Pen Name

Dream Text

Dream Date/Time

Dream Comments

If appropriate, please share my dream with the Electric Dreams community and publish on Electric Dreams with comments. I understand all postings are anonymous and no email address will be published unless a special note is sent to the editor

No Interpretations, Please. Publish my dream on Electric Dreams, but please leave off any comments by others.

Comments on permissions?

Your dream will be published in the next issue, often along with comments from the Electric Dreams Community. We Protect your Privacy! All dreams are considered anonymous and published as such unless clearly indicated otherwise!   If the form is not working, send your dream to Richard Wilkerson at

To see your dream in publication and any comments, be sure to
Subscribe to Electric Dreams

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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

The Flow of Dreams

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    List Name:
    Sponsor: Electric Dreams and DreamGate

    The DREAM-FLOW mail list is a way to circulate dreams and their meanings around the Internet. Dreams flow into the list from a variety of sources, including Usenet Newsgroups, Electric Dreams subscribers, dream-flow list subscribers and the Dream Temple, a Web form for sending dreams.

    Dream texts coming into dream-flow are considered as freely given, yet anonymous creations that cross the boundaries of sleep and waking, personal and transpersonal, born and unborn, created and found, and many other boundaries.

    These dreams are seen as having at least as much status an any literary genre or text, and the comments and interpretations are also seen as having at least the same status as literary criticism, philosophical or metaphysical exegesis.

    All dreams and comments are published monthly on Electric Dreams, which is freely distributed throughout the Net.

    List name: The DreamWheels
    Sponsor: Electric-Dreams and DreamGate

    The Electric Dreams Dream Wheels are dream groups via email. Generally they are 6-12 people who take turns exploring one another's dreams. The basic format of the group involves first asking questions then having each person take the dream as if it were his or her own and commenting. This non-defensive style was developed online by John Herbert and is very easy to learn, yet insightful and delightful for all participants.

    The groups will typically last about 2 months.

    For a sample dream group see

    The 1996 Presentation for the Association for the Study of Dreams
    John Herbert's Transcripts from SeniorNet
    DreamWheel Summer 1998 Sample in Electric Dreams

    To join a DreamWheel dream group, send a request to Richard Wilkerson


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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

Other Internet Dream Sharing Forums

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Intuition Network Conferences offer

To subscribe to email conferences,
send an email message

In the body of your email put only (without the [] brackets):

subscribe [name of conference] [your email address]

The Daily Analyst

This discussion list  is available via Dutch psychiatrist Willem Linschoten" <>

For subscription information, go to:
The Daily Analyst -

Spiritual and Mythopoetic dream sharing with Dr. Deus.

For subscription information, stop by


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Volunteer Information

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Join the Electric Dreams Dream Sharing Community
and CyberDream Information Revolution:
Be an Electric Dreamer!

Electric Dreams continues to offer a wide variety of free dreamsharing venues and this means we log a lot of online time. It is fun and we do this because we love it! But sometimes we can't keep up with all the networking tasks and then the quality is diminished in our programs.

And not everyone has the time to be a staff member (though if you *do* have the time and desire, drop me a line!).

And so we would like to ask for ELECTRIC DREAMERS - volunteers who can give just a few minutes every week or even once a month. Here are some of the ED areas that Electric Dreamers might help in:

- Co-Moderate a dream group.
- Start a column on ED about your favorite topic in dreams.
- Post a few dreams to a few Newsgroups or Mail lists.
- Post an ad regularly to a Newsgroup you will "sponsor".
- Post an ad to a mail list you will "sponsor".
- Post an ad to a SIG at your commercial online carrier.
- Surf the net for new dream web sites.
- Surf Educational college sites for dream bibliographies
- Send in addresses of magazine departments that might like to carry a story about dream sharing in cyberspace
- Send in local resources on dreams - groups, schools, lectures, library resources, newsletters and new age papers.
- Check you Yellow Pages for schools and ask what programs or classes on dreams and dreaming dreams are
- Many other projects available!

Be and Electric Dreamer, sign up today...

Note: If you have offered your time before and I haven't gotten back to you, it is only because I've lost your request.
Please resend!!

contact Richard Wilkerson

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blank.gif (45 bytes)Asklepios, an ancient Greek god of dreams

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Asklepios, god of dreams (15938 bytes)

The Electric Dreams community considers all Cyberdream Sites that support dreams and dreaming to be Electric Dreamers. We will do all we can to support your dream projects online.


Richard Wilkerson
Editor, Electric Dreams

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Subscription Info/Feedback

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    Please send us your comments, suggestions, and ideas about dreamsharing in Cyberspace.  We are very interested in hearing your thoughts. Please send your comments to 

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