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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

Electric Dreams
Cyber-Dream Sharing Forums

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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

Send in your dream

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Enter your dream here for publication in the
Electric Dreams
It can be any kind of dream.


Your dream will be published in the next issue, often along with comments from the Electric Dreams Community. We Protect your Privacy! All dreams are considered anonymous and published as such unless clearly indicated otherwise!   If the form is not working, send your dream to Richard Wilkerson at

To see your dream in publication and any comments, be sure to
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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

The Flow of Dreams

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    List Name:
    Sponsor: Electric Dreams and DreamGate

    The DREAM-FLOW mail list is a way to circulate dreams and their meanings around the Internet. Dreams flow into the list from a variety of sources, including Usenet Newsgroups, Electric Dreams subscribers, dream-flow list subscribers and the Dream Temple, a Web form for sending dreams.

    Dream texts coming into dream-flow are considered as freely given, yet anonymous creations that cross the boundaries of sleep and waking, personal and transpersonal, born and unborn, created and found, and many other boundaries.

    These dreams are seen as having at least as much status an any literary genre or text, and the comments and interpretations are also seen as having at least the same status as literary criticism, philosophical or metaphysical exegesis.

    All dreams and comments are published monthly on Electric Dreams, which is freely distributed throughout the Net.

    Subscribe to dream-flow

    List name:  DreamWheel
    Sponsor: Electric-Dreams and DreamGate

    The Electric Dreams Dream Wheels are dream groups via e-mail. Generally they are 6-12 people who take turns exploring one another's dreams. The basic format of the group involves first asking questions then having each person take the dream as if it were his or her own and commenting. This non-defensive style was developed online by John Herbert, Ph.d, Jeremy Taylor, Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D., Sarah Richards, Ph.D. and Richard Wilkerson. It is very easy to learn, yet insightful and delightful for all participants.

    Please read the Ethics Statement before joining

    For a sample dream group see

    The 1996 Presentation for the Association for the Study of Dreams
    John Herbert's Transcripts from SeniorNet
    DreamWheel Summer 1998 Sample in Electric Dreams

    Subscribe to dreamwheel

    HOW TO SIGN UP via E-mail:

    1. Send an e-mail

    Its doesn't matter what you put in the subject/title or the main body of the e-mail.

    2. You will get back an e-mail requesting your subscription confirmation, usually in minutes.
    Simply select REPLY and SEND

    3. Watch for instructions on the list from the moderator. The moderator will send instructions at the beginning of every dream and every phase of the process.

    OR HOW TO SIGN UP via the WEB

    Use the form above, or 

    1. Go to

    2. If you have not registered, please do so. It only takes a moment, its free and it gives you access to many of the yahoogroups features. The only one we are interested in here is the subscription option.
    You can ignore most of the registration offers. Just give the essentials and don't check any items you don't want. You will get an e-mail in a few moments asking to confirm your registration. Just select REPLY and send it back in.

    If you are already a yahoogroups member, or you just registered and have sent back your confirmation, sign in. You can sign in on the page you are on, or go to

    3. You should now be on the following page:

    If not, go to that page.

    On the left hand side of the yahoogroups web page, select SUBSCRIBE
    Select the options you want (or just leave them alone) and select JOIN.

    You can now send e-mail to the group at

    You can unsubscribe at the website, or send an e-mail

    Dreamwork Ethics Statement

    All participants are obliged to adhere to the ethical standards established by the Electric Dreams community:

    The Electric Dreams community celebrates the many benefits of dreamwork, yet recognizes that there are potential risks. We agree with the ethical position taken by the Association for the Study of Dreams (, in that we support an approach to dreamwork and dream sharing that respects the dreamer's dignity and integrity, and which recognizes the dreamer as the decision-maker regarding the significance of the dream. Systems of dreamwork that assign authority or knowledge of the dream's meanings to someone other than the dreamer can be misleading, incorrect, and harmful. Ethical dreamwork helps the dreamer work with his/her own dream images, feelings, and associations, and guides the dreamer to more fully experience, appreciate, and understand the dream.

    Every dream may have multiple meanings, and different techniques may be reasonably employed to touch these multiple layers of significance. A dreamer's decision to share or discontinue sharing a dream should always be respected and honored. The dreamer should be forewarned that unexpected issues or emotions may arise in the course of the dreamwork. Information and mutual agreement about the degree of privacy and confidentiality are essential ingredients in creating a safe atmosphere for dream sharing.

    Dreamwork outside a clinical setting is not a substitute for psychotherapy, or other professional treatment, and should not be used as such.

    We recognize and respect that there are many valid and time-honored dreamwork traditions. We invite and welcome the participation of dreamers from all cultures. There are social, cultural, and transpersonal aspects to dream experience. In this statement we do not mean to imply that the only valid approach to dreamwork focuses on the dreamer's personal life. Our purpose is to honor and respect the person of the dreamer as well as the dream itself, regardless of how the relationship between the two may be understood.

    The Electric Dreams Community, March 2000

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Electric Dreams Ezine Link

Other Internet Dream Sharing Forums

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World Dreams Peace Bridge

Using dreams for world peace, the World Dreams Peace Bridge is a very active global community sharing dreams, real dreams and discussing these in terms of their projects to help people around the world.

Subscribe to worlddreams


Victoria Quinton hosts talk about dreaming and dreaming on the ever chatty
dreamchatters list
Many Electric Dreams members hang out here.

For the discussion of dreams, dreaming and related issues, especially online and making community

Subscribe to dreamchatters


Our basic principles are respect for many traditions, honoring creativity, and kindness. The original members met on-line in a dream discussion held as part of Jeremy Taylor's web site on dreams and sacred narrative ( and we strongly recommend becoming familiar with Jeremy Taylor's Basic Hints for Dream Work and other writings as a framework for understanding deams.

Subscribe to dreamshare

There are now hundreds of new dream discussions venues online. See a summary of these lists discussed :

Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1999 March). The Proliferation of Dream Discussion eLists on the Internet. Electric Dreams 6(3).

and see

Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (2000 August). New Trends in Online Dream Sharing Yahoo Dream Clubs and New Usenet Newsgroups. Electric Dreams 7(8).

both available through backissues


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Volunteer Information

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Join the Electric Dreams Dream Sharing Community
and CyberDream Information Revolution:
Be an Electric Dreamer!

Electric Dreams continues to offer a wide variety of free dreamsharing venues and this means we log a lot of online time. It is fun and we do this because we love it! But sometimes we can't keep up with all the networking tasks and then the quality is diminished in our programs.

And not everyone has the time to be a staff member (though if you *do* have the time and desire, drop me a line!).

And so we would like to ask for ELECTRIC DREAMERS - volunteers who can give just a few minutes every week or even once a month. Here are some of the ED areas that Electric Dreamers might help in:

- Co-Moderate a dream group.
- Start a column on ED about your favorite topic in dreams.
- Post a few dreams to a few Newsgroups or Mail lists.
- Post an ad regularly to a Newsgroup you will "sponsor".
- Post an ad to a mail list you will "sponsor".
- Post an ad to a SIG at your commercial online carrier.
- Surf the net for new dream web sites.
- Surf Educational college sites for dream bibliographies
- Send in addresses of magazine departments that might like to carry a story about dream sharing in cyberspace
- Send in local resources on dreams - groups, schools, lectures, library resources, newsletters and new age papers.
- Check you Yellow Pages for schools and ask what programs or classes on dreams and dreaming dreams are
- Many other projects available!

Be and Electric Dreamer, sign up today...

Note: If you have offered your time before and I haven't gotten back to you, it is only because I've lost your request.
Please resend!!

contact Richard Wilkerson

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blank.gif (45 bytes)Asklepios, an ancient Greek god of dreams

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Asklepios, god of dreams (15938 bytes)

The Electric Dreams community considers all Cyberdream Sites that support dreams and dreaming to be Electric Dreamers. We will do all we can to support your dream projects online.


Richard Wilkerson
Editor, Electric Dreams

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Subscription Info/Feedback

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    Please send us your comments, suggestions, and ideas about dreamsharing in Cyberspace.  We are very interested in hearing your thoughts. Please send your comments to 

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