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I wake up in the morning with a dream in my eyes. 

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Many thanks to all who have helped create the online educational networks and programs that I have participated in online since 1994. In many ways, my life is about your lives. Here is a page acknowledging a few of you. Below are some of the online projects we have worked on together and comments made about them.
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 A Brief History of Dream Sharing: Theories, Techniques and Cyberspace
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Dreamscaping: New and Creative Ways to Work with your Dreams.
(1999), Lowell House, Linconwood, IL. Stanley Krippner & Mark Waldman, Editors
Including Richard Wilkerson, Oliver Sacks, Gayle Delaney, Jermey Taylor, Robert Bosnak, Robert Van de Castle, Eugene Gendlin, Montague Ullman, Ernest Hartmann, Marie Louise von Franz.

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One of the more fun parts of Networking is the chance to see what others  are doing and have them see what you are doing. But even more than *seeing* is being. It is not just an information exchange but a living interconnection and chance to see one's place as a microcosm in the macrocosm.
 The Electric Dreams Community   Early social networking with  
  The Electric Dreams Virtual Community 
    Howard Rheingold says   
    the Electric Dreams Community is "Great!"

The Association for the Study of Dreams

  Building an Organization with  
  The International Association for the Study of Dreams
   Richard Wilkerson, Operations Director

   "Exceptional work"  Robert Hoss, IBM, Vice President, Telecom Cntrs.

 2004 Certificate of Appreciation

 "We at ASD want to give you special thanks for your sustained service to ASD as well as the valuable lasting ......"


Interview in Wired

  Thanks to Wired Magazine for the Interview.

  Universal Dream Key, by Patricia Garfield, PH.D.

Thanks to Patricia Garfield's acknowledgement of my work in her book The Universal Dream Key "...without which this book would have not been complete." 

All About Dreams, by Gayle Delaney (6575 bytes)

Thanks to Gayle Delaney for characterizing me as "The Internet Wizard of ASD"!
  Robert Moss - The Secret History of Dreams  Thanks to Robert Moss for the acknowledgement in his book
 The Secret History of Dreaming

New York Times Oct 1, 1998 (952 bytes)

Thanks to the New York Times for the Tech & Dream Article!

Work Resume

  Work Accomplishments, History and Objectives Resume

Los Angeles Times, 2001, September 17th
Mike Conklin :Plague of nightmares descends on Elm Street: October 2, 2001
Behavioral Health Digest - Reprint from Knight Ridder/Tribune

 Thanks to the LA Times for the interview on dreams, nightmares and the 9-11-2001 tragedy in N.Y. and D.C.

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for the interview on 9-11 nightmares.

Thanks to Behavioral Health Digest for the interview on 9-11 attitudes in dreams.


My family has been moving West for a long time. We came to America in from a town near Stonehenge in  1650 and settled as Virginian farmers along the Rappahannock River. This move West finally landed me in San Francisco, where I have been living since 1979 with my wife, Patricia.  



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