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Dream Reentry Healing

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Fred C. Olsen, M.Div.

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Dream Reentry Healing (DRH) is a powerful and elegant process of therapeutic imaging that enables you to track inner imagery to the core of an issue or symptom and transform the issue or symptom at its source.

A dream image, an emotionally-based issue, or a physical symptom is used to reenter the imaginal domain. A skilled reentry guide tracks the inner path of progressive imagery to a place where the "dreamer" is able to reconnect to the essential resources and source needed to transform or release a previously unconscious pattern.

If You --

  • have emotional or creative blocks

  • sabotage your intentions

  • experience chronic symptoms

  • have problems in relationships

  • have unfinished grief work

  • live with embedded trauma

  • then you may want to try out Dream Reentry Healing.

    The Dream Reentry Healing Process --

    • establishes an authentic partnership between the conscious mind, the emotions, the body, and the living world of inner imagery

    • facilitates the release and reprogramming of repressed memories and autonomous blocks at a cellular level--often releasing physical symptoms

    • uncovers and evolves a family of symbols and inner characters that help you monitor and maintain your equilibrium and momentum in waking life

    • facilitates the resolution of unfinished business in relationships present and past

    • releases embedded traumas, thus releasing you from inner prisons

    • awakens forgotten dreams and empowers them in your life

    How Others Have Benefited

    "Dream Reentry Healing is a uniquely powerful way to uncover unconscious traumas and patterns of behavior and rework them in the natural language of the mind and body."

    Iver Juster, M.D.

    "Fred's work is extraordinary, powerful, and deep. He has consistently guided me to the origin of deep core issues, while empowering a healing resolution at these levels. It's truly transformative work -- shamanic level work. It goes much deeper than interpretive work and is broader than dreamwork as I have known it."

    Berkeley Therapist

    "A half hour dream reentry with you is like years of therapy. You helped me and others find out things about ourselves we might have never known. You helped us better understand ourselves and deal with life s problems."

    Special Education Teacher, San Francisco

    "Fred s work is life-enhancing. I feel more connected to my life and to people in the group. He has many approaches that always bring fresh insight through the images and he is good at making connections between one part of the dreamer and another. His sympathy and understanding makes the dreamer feel comfortable."

    Berkeley Therapist

    "Your special gift was restoring a day I expected to lose to a migraine. What I find amazing is that I could open myself completely to your offer of help and that once you introduced the visualization and dialogue, the pain halted and began to recede. Only once before has a migraine halted on its own, there is no gainsaying them, yet somehow, you did. So I was able to join the tour and the performance. Many, many thanks my friend!"

    Alison, Professional Writer

    "I've been able to recall forgotten memories, rewrite their scripts and release them from storage in my body -- hence to begin to heal. I feel myself awakening to a circle of light and energy much more grand than I had heretofore imagined. My reentry experiences lend me support on my spiritual journey. They give me a peek at the infinite."

    Deborah, Hospital Staff

    Who is Fred C. Olsen, M.Div.?

    Fred C. Olsen is a pioneer in the field of dreaming and inner imaging.

    Fred began his professional career as a researcher in a Washington, D.C. think-tank, where he studied the performance of large-scale technical and organizational systems on federal contracts. In order to get hands on experience in complex systems, Fred worked for NASA as a member of a team of engineers and technicians responsible for evaluating the performance of a global satellite tracking station network.

    During his world wide travels and involvement in business and government systems, Fred became deeply concerned about the direction of Western civilization. Dissatisfied with the solutions of traditional religion, science, technology and social sciences, Fred embarked on a quest to uncover the underlying processes of change and transformation in human systems. His quest, led him to explore the nature of conflict, values, communications, human consciousness and finally the role of "inner imaging" as a primary natural function essential for human survival and health.

    His work over the last 25 years has resulted in the development of his system and process of Dream Reentry Healing. This refined system of inquiry is effective in tracking the path of "inner imagery" to a core inner issue and transforming it at its source.

    Fred co-founded the Bay Area Dreamworkers Group in San Francisco in 1985. He directed the San Francisco Dream House from 1986-1995. He is currently living in Portland, Oregon where he is building his DRH training program. He is writing and working with other pioneers on issues related to the emerging culture of sustainability in conscious global living systems.

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    "Reentry is a uniquely powerful way to uncover unconscious traumas and patterns of behavior and rework them in the natural language of the mind and body." Iver Juster , M.D.

    "Never before in my twenty-plus years of experience as a mental health professional, have I encountered such a graceful method of entering the tormented states clients occupy and teaching them to walk forward safely to a new place which nurturesbody and soul. Both in my sessions with Fred personally and in my current profession as a therapist for sexual assault survivors, I have discovered a laser-like means of reaching pain and distress and clearing a gentle path to healing." Therapist -- Vancouver, Washington

    Contact Fred directly at Dreamtreck@AOL.COM

    Private Telephone DRH sessions with Fred are available for $1.00 per minute.

    Fred can be contacted on-line at dreamtreck@aol.com

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